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1Karl Marx, Frederich EngelsThe Communist ManifestoPenguin Classics1967paperbackmarxism, communism 
2R. N. Carew HuntTheory and Practice of CommunismPelican Books1975paperbackmarxism, communism 
3Karl Marx, Frederich Engels, LeninThe Communist Manifeso, The April ThesisVerso2016hardbackmarxism, leninism 
4Terry EagletonWhy Marx Was RightYale University Press2011paperbackmarxism 
5John W. DollesBrazilian Communism 1935-1945University of Texas Press1983hardbackhistory, communism 
6Roger SimonGramsci's Political ThoughtLawrence and Wishart1982paperbackcommunism, gramsci 
7K.D Ewing, John Hendy, Carolyn JonesA Manifesto For Labour LawInstitute for Employment Rights2016paperbacklegal, unionism, organising 
8David McLellanMarxism After Marx 4th edPalgrave MacMillan2007paperbackmarxism 
9Frederich EngelsCondition of the Working Class in EnglandPenguin Classics1987paperbackhistory, marxism 
10Leslie Budd, Sam WhimsterGlobal Finance and Urban LivingRoutledge1992paperbackgeography, sociology, urbanism 
11RiusMarx For BeginnersWriters and Readers1985paperbackmarxism, study guide, graphic, marx, communism 
12UCC Marxist SocietyNational Conference 2017UCC Marxist Society2017pamphlethistory, marxism 
13Karl MarxWages Prices and ProfitProgress Publishers1974pamphletmarxism, economics 
14Jack WoddisTime to Change Course: What Britiains Communists Stand ForThe Communist Party1973paperbackcommunist, marxist, history 
15Karl MarxCapital Vol 1 and 2Wordsworth Classics of World Literature2013paperbackmarxism, economics, communism 
16Fidel Castro, Frei BettoFidel and Religion 2nd edOcean Press2006paperbackreligion, communism, christianity, liberation theology, cuba 
17Charles Walker, Robert GuestThe Man on the Assembly LineHarvard University Press2006paperbacksociology, history 
18Herbert MarcuseOne Dimensional ManSphere1968paperbacksociology, philosophy 
19Alain BadiouPhilosophy for MilitantsVerso2015hardbackphilosophy, sociology, communism 
20Alain BadiouPhilosophy for MilitantsVerso2012paperbackphilosophy, sociology, communism 
21Karl Marx, Frederich EngelsManifesto of the CommunistProgress Publishers1977paperbackmarxism, communism 
22Karl MarxWage, Labour and CapitalMarxists.org1999pamphletmarxism, economics 
23International Marxist TendancyIn Defence of Marxism Vol.10International Marxist Tendancy2014magazinehistory, marxism 
24International Marxist TendancyIn Defence of Marxism Vol.17International Marxist Tendancy2016magazinehistory, marxism 
25International Marxist TendancyIn Defence of Marxism Vol.18International Marxist Tendancy2017magazinehistory, marxism 
26International Marxist TendancyIn Defence of Marxism Vol.21International Marxist Tendancy2018magazinehistory, marxism 
27Henry ThoreauWalden and Civil DisobedienceCollier1972paperbackanarchism, philosophy 
28Paul AurichBakunin and NechaevFreedom Press1974paperbackanarchism, bakunin 
29Brian MorrisVisions of FreedomBlack Rose2018paperbackanarchism, ecology 
30VariousFighting the RevolutionFreedom Press1985pamphletanarchism, paris commune, kropotkin 
31VariousAnarchy Vol.35 The Greeks Had A Word For ItAnarchy1964pamphletphilosophy, history, anarchism 
32Macat Analysis, FoucaultDiscipline and Punish Study GuideRoutledge2017paperbackstudy guide, sociology, philosophy 
33Edd MustilThe Sheffield Workers CommitteeSpokesman Books pamphletlocal, history, unionism, sheffield 
34Daniel Cross, Staughton LyndSolidarity, Unionism, StarbucksPM Press2011pamphlethistory, unionism 
35Bratch DubhWorkers AutonomyAnarchist Pamphlets1979paperbackanarchism, unionism 
36John GriffinA Structured AnarchismFreedom Press1991paperbackanarchism 
37Valentine YarnspinnerNottingham Rising, The Great Cheese Riot of 1776 and The Reform Riots of 1931Loaf on a Stick Press2015paperbacklocal, history 
38Steve BruceSociology A Very Short IntroductionOxford University Press1999paperbacksociology, study guide 
39VariousAnarchy Vol.59 The White ProblemAnarchy1966pamphletanarchism, race 
40VariousAnarchy Vol.100 About AnarchyAnarchy1969pamphletanarchism 
41VariousAnarchy Vol.100 About AnarchyAnarchy1969pamphletanarchism 
42VariousParis: May 1968Dark Star Rebel Press1986pamphletanarchism, paris 1968 
43Geoff BaileyAnarchists in the Spanish Civil WarThe Anarchist Library2002pamphletspanish civil war, history, anarchism 
44Kevin DoyleParliament or Democracy?Workers Solidarity Movement1997pamphletanarchism 
45variousThe Struggle Continues Selected Blackstar EssaysHobnail Press2007pamphletanarchism 
46Direct Action Movement, International Workers AssociationWinning the Class WarDirect Action Movement and International Workers Association1991pamphletanarchism 
47Direct Action Movement, International Workers AssociationWinning the Class WarDirect Action Movement and International Workers Association1991pamphletanarchism 
48Vernon RichardsLessons of the Spanish RevolutionFreedom Press1995paperbackanarchism, history, spanish civil war 
49Simon SpringerThe Anarchist Roots of GeographyUniversity of Minnessota Press2016paperbackgeography, anarchism 
50Liam Barrington-BushAnarchists in the Board RoomMore Like People2013paperbackanarchism, organising 
1 - 50 / 302
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