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Reed Elsevier's main business is academic and medical publishing, but, through a subsidiary company, they help run international arms fairs. These include DSEi, one of the world's largest arms fairs. Reed Elsevier don't see any contradiction between facilitating the sale of arms and either their medical publishing or the corporate social responsibility commitments they've made. We do.

BREAKING NEWS 1st of June: We won! Reed Elseviers bows to pressure and decides to quit organising arms fairs. Thanks to all who signed the petition

If you would like more information about Reed Elsevier and the arms trade, click here.

If through your work you are involved in Reed Elsevier's business - as a health professional, University lecturer, researcher or postgraduate student - please consider signing the petition below so that Reed Elsevier know that the academic & medical communities disapprove of their supporting the arms trade.

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Petition to Reed Elsevier

We, the undersigned, request that Reed Elsevier and their subsidaries stop organising arms fairs.

Number Signatory
1 Tom Stafford University of Sheffield Psychology
2 Mike Dewar The University Of Sheffield Systems Engineering
3 Alec Patton University of Sheffield English Literature
4 Harriet Cameron University of Portsmouth Psychology
5 Tony Waterston University of Newcastle upon Tyne Child Health
6 Heather Logan Carleton University Physics
7 Dr Ben Goldacre The Guardian Medicine
8 Alex Fradera Institute of Psychiatry Neuropsychology
9 Jonas Obleser University College London Neuroscience
10 David Carmel University College London Psychology
11 Andy Fugard University of Edinburgh Psychology
12 Celia Morgan University College London Psychology
13 Nathan Weisz INSERM U280 Neuroscience
14 Gary Potter Queen's University Belfast Criminology
15 Sam Gilbert University College London Cognitive Neuroscience
16 Annabel Harrison University of Edinburgh Psychology
17 Jenny Nelson University of Manchester Victoria Development Studies
18 Dr Giovanna Speciale ARVAC Social Research
19 Cosma Shalizi Carnegie Mellon University Statistics
20 Stephen Kinsella University of Limerick, Ireland Economics
21 Fiona Zinovieff University of Wales, Bangor psychologist
22 Aaron Clauset University of New Mexico Computer Science
23 Alexander Campbell Queensland University of Technology Computer Science
24 Aaron Swartz Stanford University Sociology
25 Joanne Harkness University of Sheffield Ecology
26 Carrie Holley University of Bristol Policy Studies
27 Lawrence Christopher York University of Edinburgh Neuroinformatics
28 Bill Hooker Shriner's Hospital Portland molecular biology of cancer
29 A. J. Julius NYU and UCLA Philosophy
30 Giovanni Concu University of Queensland Economics
31 Keith McIntosh Australian National University Engineering
32 Henry Farrell George Washington University Political Science
33 John Jamieson University of Technology Sydney Nursing
34 Odhran O'Sullivan University of Sheffield Plant Ecology
35 J. Pandhal Sheffield University Proteomics
36 Bryce Richards Heriot-Watt University Engineering
37 Elisabeth Schauer University of Konstanz, Germany Clinical Psychology
38 Disa Sauter Universit College London Psychology
39 Malcolm Baxter NHS Highland Paediatrics
40 Isobel Phillips The Open University Psychology
41 Luke Holman University of Sheffield Zoology
42 Matthew Whalley University College London Psychology
43 m willoughby NHS durham Paediatrics
44 Lotte Meteyard University College London Psychology
45 Liana Romaniuk University of Edinburgh Neuroinformatics
46 Ben Whalley University of Plymouth Psychology
47 Marios Kittenis University of Edinburgh Psychology
48 R Lakshman University of Cambridge Hospitals NHS Trust Consultant Paediatrician
49 David McGonigle Edinburgh University Neuroscience/Neuroimaging
50 Alan Bundy University of Edinburgh Informatics
51 V.E. Gountouna University of Edinburgh Neuroimaging
52 ruth philip university of edinburgh neuroimaging
53 Andrew Sun South China University of Technology Polymer
54 Ronan O'Ceallaigh Northumbria University Psychology
55 Janet D. Stemwedel San Jose State University Philosophy of Science
56 Rob Brian Retired Law librarianship
57 Isabella Foustanos NHS Psychologist
58 Sally Redfern King's College London Nursing
59 Dr M. Redfern Sheffield University The Institute for Lifelong Learning
60 Joseph Malsky University of Texas Neurobiology
61 Syed Rais Ahmed Darlington Memorial Hospital Darlington Dl3 6HX Paediatrics
62 Helene Kreysa Uiversity of Edinburgh Psychology
63 Sylvie Serpell University of Plymouth Psychology
64 Dr G.M.Draper University of Kent History
65 Abi Wills University of Oxford History
66 Dr Richard Wistreich Newcastle University Arts and Humanities
67 Jessica Wright University of Sheffield Law
68 Cathryn Bardsley University of Sheffield Archaeology
69 bennett hogg university of newcastle upon tyne music
70 Carolyn Kearney Australian Law Reform Commission Legal Research
71 Dr Eric Cross Newcastle University Music
72 Michael Edwards University of Edinburgh Music
73 Matthew Hall University of Sheffield Law
74 Mark Self Newcastle University Music
75 John Ferguson Newcastle University Music
76 Kirrily Pells Institute of Commonwealth Studies Human Rights
77 Robert P. Baird University of Chicago Religious Studies
78 Prof Richard Middleton Newcastle University Music
79 Jyr Lin Univ of Sheffield Law
80 Adam Saradjian NHS, Sheffield Clinical Psychologist
81 Dr Stephen Lawrie University of Edinburgh Psychiatry
82 Jamie Thompson University of Newcastle upon Tyne Music
83 Fiona McConnell Queen Mary, University of London Geography
84 Dr Bethany Lowe University of Newcastle Music Analysis
85 Jonathan Harris University of Edinburgh Neuropsychology
86 Caspar Addyman Birkbeck, University of London Psychology
87 Andrew Bremner Goldsmiths, University of London Psychology
88 Michael Duckett University of Newcastle Politics
89 Przemyslaw Tomalski Birkbeck College Cognitive Neuroscience
90 Patrick Nielsen Hayden Tor Books Senior Editor
91 Alan Dewar The Dukeries College English
92 Alexandre Borovik The University of Manchester Mathematics
93 Michal Fiedorowicz Medical Research Centre PAS Biology
94 Evelyne Mercure Birkbeck University of London Psychology
95 Frederic Dick Birkbeck College Psychology/Cognitive Neuroscience
96 Teodora Gliga psychology
97 Sarah Fox University of London Psychology
98 Jennie Brown Birkbeck College Psychology
99 Kristian Skrede Gleditsch University of Essex Government
100 Ali Nesin Istanbul Bilgi University Mathematics
101 Avinash Thirumalai Molecular Connections Limited Bioinformatics
102 Seçil Gergün Çankaya University Mathematics
103 Julien Besle INSERM Cognitive Neuroscience
104 Dominic Job University of Edinburgh Research
105 Kira Mourao Edinburgh University Neuroinformatics
106 Dr David Featherstone University of Liverpool Geography
107 Irit Katriel Brown University Computer Science
108 marie rothe inserm neuroscience
109 Anjali Goswami The Natural History Museum, London Evolutionary Biology
110 Kendrick Smith University of Chicago Astrophysics
111 Mark Mendoza Miami University, Oxford OH English Literature
112 Sarah Smith Miami University English Creative Writing
113 Melissa Grunow Miami University, Oxford, Ohio English (composition and rhetoric)
114 Jordan Carroll Miami University English
115 Jacob Katriel, Professor Emeritus Technion - Israel Institute of Technology Chemistry
116 Fred Ross Rockefeller University biophysics and microbiology
117 Dr P David Polly Indiana University Biology
118 Jim Ries University of Missouri Computer Science
119 Linda Hugl Pharmaceutical Industry Cell biology
120 Sam Perlo-Freeman University of the West of England, Bristol Economics
121 Prof R A Nichols Queen Mary University of London Genetics
122 Ellen Poliakoff University of Manchester Psychology
123 Dr. Richard C. Jennings University of Cambridge History and Philosophy of Science
124 Barbara Davey Kings College London Research
125 Fiona Macaulay University of Bradford Development
126 Steven Le Comber Queen Mary, University of London Evolutionary biology
127 Jason A. Lillegraven The University of Wyoming Paleogeography
128 Professor Jenny Pearce Department of Peace Studies, University of Bradford Political Scientist
129 Dr Katherine Inskip Sheffield University Astrophysics
130 Christopher Turner University of Alaska Anchorage Medical Library Staff
131 piat ENSIM Computer Science
132 DR Nicholas Embleton Newcastle University Paediatrician
133 Lars Iyer University of Newcastle Philosophy
134 Dr Peter Wemyss-Gorman Retired Pain Management
135 Sam Richmond Sunderland Royal Hospital Neonatologist
136 Gregory Cherlin Rutgers University Mathematics
137 Tony Lopez Derriford Hospital, Plymouth, UK Child Health
138 Joaquim Puig Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya Mathematics
139 Agustí Roig Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya Mathematics
140 Marta Casanellas Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya Mathematics
141 David Gomez-Ullate Oteiza Universidad Complutense de Madrid Mathematical Physics
142 James Stone Sheffield University Psychology
143 Jack Steinberger CERN (European Particle Physics Laboratory) Physics (Nobel Laureate)
144 Robert Hinde Cambridge Biology
145 John Avery University of Copenhagen Chemical Physics
146 Dr. Georges Ripka Centre d'Etudes Nuclaires de Saclay physicist
147 Dr Martin R Levy Northumbria University chemistry
148 Tracey A. Callison University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Psychology
149 Penelope Johnson University East London Phytotherapy
150 Dr. Eric T. Ferguson Pugwash Netherlands, ex-TNO Applied Scientific Research Energy and Development
151 Paul Hamel University of Toronto Developmental Biology
152 Jaume Valentines Álvarez Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya History of Science
153 Dr Rick Jones University of Leeds Medicine
154 Martin R Miller University of Sheffield Animal and Plant Sciences
155 rothe cnrs polical science
156 Jon Ryder University of East Anglia Epidemiology
157 Dr Paul Marchant Leeds Metropolitan University Statistics
158 Ewa Posner University Hospital of North Durham Paediatrics
159 dr. Bart van der Sijde (former) Eindhoven University of Technology Physics
160 prudence hamade medecins sans frontieres medicine paediatrics malaria
161 Helen Clarke University of Derby Sociology
162 Felicity Laurence Newcastle University Music
163 Sara Hall University College London Hebrew and Jewish Studies
164 Celine REDON High school M. Pagnol of Marseille / France Classics
165 John L. Finney University College London Physics
166 Dr Neil Levy University of Melbourne Philosophy
167 Rob Wilson University of Alberta Philosophy
168 Kranti Saran Harvard University Philosophy
169 Adam Morton University of Alberta Philosophy
170 Ingo Brigandt University of Alberta Philosophy
171 David Kahane University of Alberta Philosophy
172 Gabriella Coleman University of Alberta Science, Technology and Society Studies
173 Victor Kumar University of Alberta Philosophy
174 Ayodele Adejumobi University of Alberta Philosophy
175 Michel Donven National Library of Luxembourg Librarian
176 Tina Patel University of Nottingham Neuroscience
177 Professor Robert A.D. Cameron University of Shefield Biology
178 Matthew Lake Queen Mary College, University of London Mathematics
179 Faysal Riaz Cambridge University Genetics
180 Glenn G. Griener University of Alberta Philosophy & Public Health Science
181 Dr Philip Donoghue University of Bristol Evolutionary biology
182 Amy Schmitter University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Philosophy
183 Antonio Lafuente Consejo Superior Investigaciones Científicas, CSIC Science Studies
184 Sibylle Meyer Library Basel Librarian
185 Guadalupe García Gutiérrez Instituto Geologico y Minero de España Ayudante de Investigación
186 Yolanda Morcillo Cruz Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia Librarian
187 Honorio Penades Universidad Carlos III de Madrid Librarianship
188 Maria Badia Segura Ediciones Doyma Editorial
189 Begoña de Vicente Sanz Coordinadora de ONGD CyL Librarian
190 Carolina De Volder University of Buenos Aires Librarian
191 Carmen CSIC Librarian
192 Katharine Tidswell NHS Neuropsychology
193 Patricia García Consejo Superior Investigaciones Científicas, CSIC Physics
194 Kevin Gillan City University (London) Sociology / Politics
195 Hilary Tovey Trinity College Dublin Sociology
196 Esa Konttinen University of Jyväskylä, Finland Sociology
197 Seçkin Sunal Yıldız Technical University Economics
198 dr alexandra plows Cesagen, Cardiff University sociology
199 Dr Noel Cass Lancaster University, UK Sociology/Geography
200 Javier Pérez Iglesias Universidad Complutense de Madrid Librarian
201 Martin Pedersen Lancaster University Jurisprudence
202 Adrian Harris University of Winchster Religious Studies
203 Byron Miler University of Calgary, Canada Geography
204 Dr Laurence Cox National University of Ireland, Maynooth Sociology
205 Angela Saiz Silió Universidad de Cantabria Librarian
206 Dana M. Williams University of Akron Sociology
207 Steffen Boehm University of Essex Management and Organisation Studies
208 Nitin Rughoonauth University of Melbourne Physics
209 Dan Brook San Jose State University Sociology
210 Kate Swanson University of Glasgow Geography
211 Robert Dunlop Trinity College Dublin Sociology
212 Dr Laurence Kenney University of Salford Medical engineering
213 James Hayward University of Essex Admin. English Language
214 Adam Warren University of Southampton Education
215 Francesca Bargiela Nottingham Trent University Linguistics
216 David Corney University College London Ophthalmology
217 Dr Emma Byrne University of Wales Computer Science
218 Peter Wade Organics Gardener
219 Katharina Schlierf Polytechnic University of Valencia Engineering
220 Pedro César Alvarez Esteban Universidad de Valladolid Statistics, Operations Research, Mathematics.
221 Alejandro Gaita Ariño Universidad de Valencia (Spain) Chemistry
222 Lorena E. RosalenyPeralvo Universitat de València Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
223 Mario Zacares Universidad Politécnica de Valencia Physics
225 Toni Gabaldón Centro de Investigación Príncipe Felipe Bioinformatics
226 Marta G. Rivera Ferre UAB Rural development and sustainable livelihoods
227 Marc Salleras Freixes University of Barcelona Electronics
228 Daniel Gabaldón-Estevan Instituto de Gestión de la Innovación y del Conocimiento - INGENIO (Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas - Universidad Politécnica de Valencia) Sociology
229 Paula Varela Instituto de Agroquímica y Tecnología de Alimentos- CSIC- Valencia-España Food Science
230 merce pamblanco rodriguez Universitat de València biochemistry and molecular biology
231 Juan MR Parrondo Universidad Complutense de Madrid Physics
232 Dr Richard Wistreich Newcastle University Music
233 Carmen Martín Moreno CIEMAT Biology
234 Concepcion Salinas Universidad de Alicante Inorganic Chemistry
235 Agustín Bueno López University of Alicante Inorganic Chemistry
236 Pastor Innocent Adjenughure Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT) Network, Nigeria Legal Practitioner/Pastor
237 Eduardo Vilaplana Ortego Universidad de Alicante Inorganic Chemistry
238 Fabian Suarez Universidad de Alicante Chemistry
239 Ana Nu~nez University of Valladolid, Spain Geometry
240 Najlae Nejar University of Alicante Inorganic Chemistry
241 Mirko Kunowsky University of Alicante Inorganic Chemistry
242 Malcolm Povey University of Leeds Food Science
243 David Hooper Rutherford Appleton Laboratory Atmospheric Science
244 Dr Alan Tuckman Nottingham Trent University Employment Relations and OB
245 Alexandra Bristow Lancaster University Organisation Studies
246 Stephen Linstead University of York Management
247 Richard Whittington Oxford University Business
248 Carlos Fernández Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain) Sociology
249 Rafael Alcadipani FGV_EAESP, BRazil Organization Studies
250 Prof Vivien Jones University of Leeds English
251 Luca Guzzetti University of Genoa (Italy) Sociology of Communication
252 Elizabeth Milne University of Sheffield Psychology
253 Diane Skinner Unbiversity of Warwick Organisation Studies
254 Luis Correia Grupo Consultores Associados Business Management
255 Bill Cooke University of Manchester Business and Management
256 M. Lianos University of Rouen Sociology
257 Hille Koskela University of Helsinki, Finland Geography
258 Kevin D. Vryan Indiana University, Bloomington Sociology
259 Sueli Goulart Universidade Federal de Alagoas Organization studies
260 Rebecca Ayrton NHS Physiotherapy
261 VALLUY Jérôme University of Pantheon-Sorbonne (Paris 1) Political Science
262 Dirakis Alexis University of Potsdam Sociology
263 Richard Bailey University of Sydney Criminology
264 Valentin Rodionov The Scripps Research Institute Chemistry
265 Sofia Martinez University of New Mexico Education
266 Mark Kelly University of Sydney Philosophy
267 Alain Léger University of Caen (France) Sociology
268 Torin Monahan Arizona State University Justice Studies
269 Terje Gronning University of Oslo Education
270 Tyler Wall Arizona State University Justice Studies
271 Tore Audun Høie Independent Management
272 Céline Vivent Université de Caen Sociologie
273 Rachel Jones Barts and the London Medical School Medical Student
274 Julian Kücklich University of Ulster Media Studies
275 Carole McKenna Arizona State University Justice Studies
276 Doris Marie Provine Arizona State University Justice Studies
277 Barry Hindess Australian National University Political Science
278 Susan Wood Hamstead garden Suburb Institute Lecturer in English
279 Stephen T. Gottesman University of Florida Astronomy/Astrophysics
280 Andres Hueso Gonzalez Universidad Politécnica de Valencia Engineering
281 Patricia Kelly University of Canberra, ACT Australia staff development
282 Gloria Dall'Alba University of Queensland, Australia Education
283 Ravinder Sidhu University of Queensland Education
284 Johan Melse RIVM - Netherlands Institute for Public Health and the Environment philosophy of health and environment
285 Barbara Van Dyck University of Antwerp Urban Studies
286 Lucas D. Introna Lancaster University Organisation and Technology Studies
287 Anna Triandafyllidou European University Institute, Florence, Italy Sociology
288 Steve Fleetwood Lancaster University Employment Studies
289 Marie-Therese Abdel-Messih University of Cairo English & Comparative Literature
290 Thomas Bay Stiockholm University School of Business Business Administration
291 David Lyon Queen's University, Kingston, Canada Sociology
292 Armin Beverungen University of Leicester Management and Organisation Studies
293 Christina Volkmann University of Wales Swansea Organization Studies
294 Mike Koefman Campaign for a Hydrogen Economy atmospheric science
295 John Lynes University College London Architecture (author or editor of 2 books published by Elsevier)
296 Helen Jukes Nottingham University Psychology
297 RICCI University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland Nature Management
298 Anja Timm Lancaster University Management School
299 Dr Alun Morinan King's College London Addiction Science
300 Tom Spencer University of Cambridge Cognitive Neuroscience
301 Manal Fahmy Cairo University Neurology
303 Matilda McCarthy Bokus.com Online Bookseller
304 Raphael Rouquier University of Leeds mathematics
305 Belen Zalba University of Zaragoza (Spain) Engineering
306 Santiago JIménez Spanish Council for Scientific Research Engineering
307 Marko Feldic C.N.R. - ISC Engineering
308 Katrina Mullan University of Cambridge Economics
309 abeer university of sheffield psychology
310 Dr. Miguel Aguado Max-Planck-Institut für Quantenoptik, Garching, Germany Physics
311 Álvaro González Universidad de Zaragoza (Spain) Earth Sciences
312 Francisco Garciolo Alarcón Universidad de Zaragoza Derecho
313 Michelle Bradford Central Queensland University Social Science Research
314 Jesus Navarro University of Zaragoza Electronics
315 Alberto Anel Universidad de Zaragoza Biochemistry
317 Ana Cubero University of Zaragoza, Spain Engineering
318 Sahar Elbaradie Cairo University Ob/Gyn
319 Andrew Norris Rutgers University Engineering
320 Niall Martin Universiteit van Amsterdam Literatuurwetenschap
321 Harshan.V. N Indian Institute of Science Instrumentation
322 Dr Tom Wakeford Newcastle University Biology
323 Audley Genus Newcastle University Science and technology studies
324 Angel Linares-Solano University of Alicante Professor
325 Les Levidow Open University Development Studies
326 Tanya Elliott University of Oxford Physics
327 Bill Coish University of Basel Physics
328 Alison Macfarlane City University health statistics
329 Richard Hebditch Birkbeck College History
330 Professor Henrik Jeldtoft Jensen Imperial College London Mathematical Physics
331 Emma Tebbutt Coventry University University Lecturer
332 Daniel Lawson Imperial College London Mathematics
333 Nadia Farid Imperial College London Physics
334 Matt G Hall University College London Medical Imaging / Biophysical modelling
335 Dr. Elsa Arcaute Imperial College London Theoretical Physics
336 Alastair Windus Imperial College London Mathematics
337 Dr Mahbub Gani King's College London Electronic Engineering
338 Dr Gillian Corble NHS General Practice
339 Peter F Stadler University of Leipzig Bioinformatics
340 Adele Peel Imperial College London Mathematical Physics
341 Professor Alastair Hay University of Leeds Toxicology
342 Matthew Stapleton Imperial College London Physics
343 Laura Bone UCL Solar Physics
344 Rob Knell Queen Mary, University of London Biologu
345 Dr Corinne Lendon Queensland Institute of Medical Research Genetics
346 Sheena Cotter Lancaster University Ecology
347 Dominique Weis University of British Columbia, Canada Earth & Environmental Sciences
348 Prof. Michael Garcia University of Hawaii Earth Sciences
349 John Gittings SOAS, London University International Affairs
350 Jeroen de Jong Université Libre de Bruxelles Earth and Ocean Sciences
351 Kate Edwards-Kearney University of Glasgow Sociology and Religious Studies
352 Balaganesh Gandhi King's College London Psychology / Medicine
353 Iman ElMahallawi British University in Egypt Metallurgical Engineering
354 Ian Newman University of Tasmania Physics
355 Gunnar Pruessner Imperial College London Physicist
356 Luisa de Santiago Urquijo Universidad de Alcalá (España) Librarian
357 Christian Wuthrich University of California, San Diego Philosophy
358 Renato Iannella National ICT Australia Computer Science
359 Mark Neal University of Queensland Economics
360 Michael Lawley Queensland University of Technology Computer Science
361 Laura K. Gross The University of Akron Applied Mathematics
362 Petteri Sipilä University of Helsinki Sociology
363 Dan Olner University of Leeds Geography
364 Sampo Villanen University of Helsinki urban sociology
365 Osis Rahkonen University of Helsinki Public health
366 Dr Stuart Hodkinson University of Leeds Geography
367 Eero Lahelma University of Helsinki public health
368 Sheryl Stevenson The University of Akron English
369 Antti Gronow University of Helsinki Sociology
370 Dr Paul Chatterton Leeds University Geography
371 Professor Tim Newburn London School of Economics Criminology
372 Andrew Davies University of Liverpool Geography
373 Robert Sternberg Imperial College London Science Communication
374 Inari Penttilä University of Helsinki Political Science
375 Dr Maureen Fordham Northumbria University Geography and Environmental Management
376 kye askins northumbria university human geography
377 Martin Dooley retired History
378 Harriet Elson Trinity College Dublin Zoology
379 Dr Jasber Singh Newcastle Univeristy Action research
380 Martin Rocek Stony Brook University Physics
381 Bruno Kahn CNRS Mathematics
382 Richard Kotter Northumbria University Geography
383 David Murakami Wood Newcastle University Town Planning
384 Natalie L. Sydorenko Hiram College Communication
385 Emily Gilbert University of Toronto Canadian Studies and Geography
386 Keith Woodward University of Arizona Geography
387 Damian Parr Univerisity of California, Davis Education
388 M. Cecilia Gomez UC Davis Education & Linguistics
389 Lisa Sullivan UC Davis Education
390 Dr. David Storey University of Worcester Geography
391 Dr. James Kneale University College London Geography
392 Jenny Pickerill University of Leicester Geography
393 Marandet Elodie Brunel University Geography
394 Brian Hoskin The College of St Mark & St John Geography
395 Simone Abram University of Sheffield Anthropology
396 David Nally University of Cambridge Geography
397 Esther Pun University of California, Davis Education
398 Susan Buckingham Brunel University Geography
399 Estelle Levin UBC Geography
400 Dr Nicola Ansell Brunel University Geography
401 Jo Sharp University of Glasgow Geography
402 Dr John D. Jansen University of Glasgow Geosciences
403 Dr Philip Collins Brunel University Geography
404 sophie Verheyden Université Libre de Bruxelles Geology
405 Charles Rolfe University of Bristol Geography
406 Mo Hume University of Glasgow Politics
408 Kurt Mills University of Glasgow Politics
409 Dr. Bella Dicks Cardiff University Social Sciences
410 Anna Stavrianakis University of Sussex International Relations
411 Jérôme Petit ULB geosciences
412 Dr Sara MacBride-Stewart Cardiff University Social Sciences
413 Jeanette Findlay University of Glasgow Economics
414 Jenna M. Loyd Syracuse University Geography
415 Kristin von Ranson, Ph.D. University of Calgary Psychology
416 Pamela Richardson University of Oxford Geography
417 Alex Hughes Newcastle University Geography
418 Jane Duckett University of Glasgow Political Science
419 Carrie Ann Naumoff Eugene 4j Schools Elementary School Teacher
420 Lynn Alford-Burow Member British Association of Nutritional Therapists Nutrition
421 Debbie Epstein Cardiff University Sociology
422 Julieta García Morilla Universidad de Alcalá de Henares- Biblioteca de Derecho Derecho
424 Flor Fernández López Universidad de Alcalá Biblioteca E. Politécnica
425 Mar Rojo Universidad de Alcalá de Henares Librarian
426 Carlos Mario Gómez Gómez University of Alcalá (Spain) Economics
427 Chris Groves Cardiff University Sociology/Philosophy
428 Ruth Bridgens Cardiff University Social Sciences
429 Sara Gonzalez University of Leeds Geography
430 Dr Richard Ansell University of Leeds Chemistry
431 Rachel Schwartz University of California, Davis Ecology
432 Kate Daniels Tavistock Clinic Psychotherapy
433 Stephen Wathen University of California Davis Paleoecology
434 John Finney University College London Physics
435 Kelda Barnes University of Strathclyde Human Ecology
436 Jenny Patient University of Strathclyde Human Ecology
437 Sergio Barba-Romero Universidad de Alcalá, Spain Operations Research
438 Ingrid Hogle University of California, Davis Ecology
439 Juana Frías Universidad de Alcalá Librarian
440 Carmen Valbuena CSIC librarianship
441 Ralf St.Clair University of Glasgow Education
442 Anton Budiman National University of Singapore Civil Engineering
443 Luid Díaz CSIC (Spain) Physics
444 Pedro Calvillo Serrano AI Administración
445 Dr Joyce E Canaan UCE Birmingham Sociology
446 María-Cruz Rubio Liniers CSIC, Madrid, Spain History
447 Raul Vera University of the Basque Country Physics
448 Gloria Fernandez-Mayoralas Spanish Council for Scientific Research Population Studies
449 Jesús Rogero García CSIC Sociology
450 Teresa Castro CSIC Demography
451 REUMAUX Françoise Université de Poitiers (France) Sociologie
452 Ewen Hardie University of Strathclyde / Centre for Human Ecology Human Ecology
453 J. Manuel Duque García CSIC Economics
454 Alfredo Aparicio Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales-CSIC Volcanology
455 Jennifer Jean Casolo University of California at Berkeley Geography
456 Judy Rohrer Syracuse University Women's Studies
457 Brian Marks University of Arizona Geography
458 Clement Lai Cornell University City Planning
459 Anthony D'Costa University of Washington Political Economy
460 Patrick Linder University of California, Riverside Anthropology
461 Juan Declet Arizona State University Geography
462 Chris Halvorsen University of Arizona Geography
463 Sasha Davis University of Vermont Geography
464 Arun Saldanha University of Minnesota Geography
465 Alexander Akin Harvard University East Asian Studies
466 Christopher Niedt University of California, Berkeley Geography
467 Amy Trauger The Pennsylvania State University Geography
468 Carolyn Gallaher American University School of International Service
469 Harald Bauder University of Guleph Geography
470 Vincent J Del Casino Jr California State University, Long Beach Geography
471 James Devine Loyola Marymount University Economics
472 Nathan Clough University of Minnesota Geography
473 Deb Sinha Clark University Geography
474 Jody Decker Wilfrid Laurier University Geography
475 David Correia University of Maine, Farmington USA Geography
476 Rainer Bussmann Nature and Culture International Ecology and Conservation
477 Tracy Dobson Michigan State University Fisheries and Wildlife
478 elizabeth johnson university of minnesota geography
479 Christopher Sneddon Dartmouth College Geography, Environmental Studies
480 Daniel Immergluck Georgia Institute of Technology City and Regional Planning
481 Vladimir Gil Columbia University Environmental Anthropology
482 Max Kirsch Florida Atlantic University Anthropology
483 Stephen Bates University of Edinburgh Science & Technology Studies
484 Justin Schell University of Minnesota Cultural Studies
485 Richard Milne University College London Science and Technology Studies
486 Peter Spitzform University of Vermont Librarian
487 Maria Short University of Vermont Communication Sciences
488 Carla Guerron Montero University of Delaware Anthropology
489 Carl Maida University of California, Los Angeles Anthropology
490 David Ingleman State University of New York at Buffalo Anthropology
491 Jennifer Aengst University of California Davis Anthropology
492 Camille Krawiec University of Massachusetts Communication
493 Niels Schoorlemmer Eindhoven University History and Philosophy of Technology
494 Nicole Blum Institute of Education, University of London Education
495 Elizabeth Pike University of Colorado Geography
496 Michael Hathaway University of Michigan Anthropology
497 Peter A. Shulman M.I.T. History and STS
498 Valentine Cadieux Yale University Geography
499 Carla Atkinson Institute of Ecology at the University of Georgia Ecology
500 Tim Oakes University of Colorado at Boulder Geography
501 Stefan Buzar University of Oxford Geography
502 Becky Mansfield Ohio State University Geography
503 Eugene McCann Simon Fraser University Geography
504 Ivan Bialostosky University of Minnesota Geography
505 David Johnson American University philosophy
506 Kevin Gould University of British Columbia Geography
507 Matthew McCourt University of Maine Farmington Geography
508 Dr. Kathleen McAfee San Francisco State University Geography and International Relations
509 Otto Auranen University of Tampere Science and technology studies
510 Molly Reynolds Osgoode Hall Law School Law
511 Matt Huber Clark University Geography
512 Maria Gutierrez Graduate Center, City University of New York Anthropology
513 Bonnie J. McCay Rutgers, the State University Human Ecology
514 Matthew Farish University of Toronto Geography
515 Paula Seymour Osgoode Hall Law School Law
516 Chloe Silverman Penn State University Science, Technology & Society
517 Tony Abbott Stetson University Geography
518 Pablo Mendez University of British Columbia Geography
519 Dr Simon Batterbury Univ of Melbourne Geography Environmental Studies
520 Ravindra Nath Vyas Mohanlal Sukhadia University, Udaipur 313001 INDIA Geography
521 Andreas Brekke Norwegian School of Management Logistics
522 Rebecca Diggle University of Nottingham Science & Technology Studies
523 Dr. Pauline von Hellermann University of Sussex Anthropology
524 Lily Defriend Cambridge Social Anthropology
525 Hana Rohan London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine Public Health
526 Dr Nikoleta Katsakiori University of Manchester Social Anthropology
527 Natalia Paszkiewicz University of East London (student) Refugee Studies
528 Ruth Dearnley Sussex Anthropology
529 Anita Jones University of Manchester Social Anthropology
530 Luke Martell University of Sussex Sociology
531 Professor Alan Lester University of Sussex Geography
532 Clare Waddington Sussex University Development Studies
533 Dr Charles Lees University of Sheffield Political Science
534 Ben Clark Institute of Psychiatry Psychiatry
535 Denis Regnier London School of Economics Anthropology
536 Stephen Aldrich Michigan State University Geography and Environmental Science and Policy
537 Tamsin Hinton-Smith, Lecturer in Sociology University of Sussex Sociology
538 Jane Hartley University of Edinburgh Social Anthropology
539 Dr Jerome Lewis London School of Economics Department of Anthropology
540 Professor Jane K. Cowan University of Sussex Anthropology
541 Don Mitchell Syracuse University Geography
542 Anna-Maija Aguilera Calderon Brunel University Social Anthropology
543 Dr James Hampshire University of Sussex Political Science
544 Alanna Cant London School of Economics Anthropology
545 George F Roberson Umass - Amherst Geography
546 Noel B. Salazar University of Pennsylvania Anthropology
547 John Veit-Wilson University of Newcastle upon Tyne Sociology
548 Joshua Muldavin Sarah Lawrence College Goegraphy
549 April Luginbuhl Ohio State University Geography
550 Rebecca Dolhinow California State University Fullerton Women's Studies
551 Farid Samir Benavides Vanegas Universidad Nacional de Colombia Law
552 Sirisha Naidu Wright State University Economics
553 Elizabeth Brace Newcastle University and Sunderland University Sociology and Education
554 Dr Dorte Thorsen Nordic Africa Institute African Studies/Anthropology
555 Michael Edwards UCL University College London City Planning
556 Laam Hae Syracuse University Geography
557 Ursula Read University College London and South London and the Maudsley NHS Trust Medical anthropology and occupational therapy
558 Kari Jensen Penn State University Geography
559 Dr. Reuben S. Rose-Redwood Penn State University Geography
560 Paul Jackson University of Toronto Geography
561 Leslie London University of Cape Town Public Health & Epidemiology
562 Krishna Melnattur University Of Massachusetts Molecular Biology
563 Cressida Jervis Read University of Sussex Anthropology
564 Neil Hunt London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine Public health
565 Diana younis Osgoode Law School Law
566 Morten Hesse Centre for Alcohol and Drug Research Substance abuse/social sciences
567 Adam Henne University of Georgia Anthropology
568 Fiona Jeffries Simon Fraser University Communication
569 Timothy Ross Renacer Foundation Nursing
570 Yves Boquet Université de Bourgogne (France) Geography
571 Dr Luke Mitcheson Institue of Psychaitry Psychology / Addictions
572 Elton Barker Oxford Classics
573 Richard B. Peterson University of New England Environmental Studies
574 Joshua Muldavin Sarah Lawrence College Geography
575 John Friedman Roosevelt Academy / Utrecht University Socio-Cultural Anthropology
576 Ard Van Moer Roosevelt Academy, Middelburg History and Philosophy of Science
577 Laura Liu Eugene Lang College, The New School Urban Studies
578 Gillian Bendelow University of Sussex Medical Sociology
579 Amy Burgess Lancaster University Literacy Studies
580 Susan Williamson Lancaster University Ecology
581 Maria McViety Lancaster University Law
582 David Menkes University of Auckland Psychiatry
583 Roly Russell Columbia University Ecology
584 Margot W Parkes University of Britsh Columbia Public Health
585 Robert P. Marlin Harvard Medical School Medicine
586 Thamar Klein Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology Medical Anthropology
587 Henk Meijer Roosevelt Academy Computing Science
588 Chana Moshenska University of Sussex History
589 Liz Turner Lancaster University Geography
590 Joseph S. Resovsky Roosevelt Academy / Utrecht University Geophysics
591 Professor Raphael Salkie University of Brighton Linguistics
592 Dr Katie Walsh University of Sussex Geography, Migration Studies, Cultural Studies
593 Fatima Mueller-Friedman Roosevelt Academy / Utrecht University Geography
594 Tom Armstrong Lancaster University Environmental Science
595 Elizabeth Chacko The George Washington University Geography and International Affairs
596 Arnd Schneider University of Oslo Department of Social Anthropology
597 Christopher M. Annear Boston University Anthropology
598 Corné Kreemer University of Nevada, Reno Earth sciences
599 Anja Kovacs University of East Anglia Development Studies
600 Dr Barbara Oomen Roosevelt Academy (UU, The Netherlands) Law
601 Dominic Glover Institute of Development Studies, Sussex Development Studies
602 James Trexler University of Nevada Geological Sciences
603 Geoffrey Blewitt University of Nevada, Reno Geodesy
604 John N. Louie University of Nevada, Reno Geopphysics
605 Heather Dorries University of Toronto Geography
606 Paula Farrar University of British Columbia Library
607 Adeeba Kamarulzaman University of Malaya Medicine
608 Dr Dirk Willenbockel Institute of Devevelopment Studies - University of Sussex Economics
609 Stephane Deline University of Rennes Psychology
610 Dave Webb Leeds Metropolitan University Engineering
611 Pamela Hepple Medecins Sans Frontieres Laboratory Specialist
612 Robin Kortright University of Toronto Geography
613 Andy McKay University of Sussex, UK Economics
614 Bernd Belina Universität Potsdam Geography
615 Prof. Robert Dobrow Carleton College Mathematics
616 Fatima L. Carvalho University of Sussex, UK Sociology
617 Jane Tooke Goldsmiths Sociology
618 laurent husson universite rennes 1 geophysics
619 Nicola Desmond Medical Research Council Medical Anthropology
620 Nikoleta Katsakiori University of Manchester Social Anthropology
621 Dr Helen Yanacopulos The Open University Development Studies / International Politics
622 david perez UCLA Department of Sociology Sociologist
623 Garnet Kindervater University of Minnesota Comparative Studies in Discourse and Society
624 Ben Stork University of Minnesota Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature
625 Paula Rabinowitz University of Minnesota American Studies
626 Mathew Coleman Ohio State University Geography
627 Zeynep Gambetti Bogazici University, Istanbul Political Science
628 Patricia Cashman University of Nevada Reno Geological Sciences
629 Asli Calkivik University of Minnesota Political Science
630 Biriz Berksoy Bogazici University Political Science
631 Scott Rodgers King's College London Geography
632 Jens Rolff University o Sheffield Biology
633 Mikko Joronen University of Turku Geography
634 Tim Hyde University of La Laguna Anthropology
635 jeri pollock Our Lady of Mercy School curriculum coordinator - all subjects
636 Dr, Lorraine Code, FRSC, Distinguished Research Professor York University, Toronto, Ontario Canada Philosophy
637 tonja christiane boyd Edith Cowan University, Western Australia Natural Sciences
638 Mark Woods University of San Diego Philosophy
639 Richard B. Norgaard University of California, Berkeley Ecological Economics
640 Alexander Lautensach University of Northern British Columbia Human Ecology
641 Sabina Lautensach University of Auckland International Relations
642 Charo Andrés CSIC Historia
643 Jeremy Bendik-Keymer American University of Sharjah Philosophy
644 William B. Gartner Clemson University Entrepreneurship
645 Ben Golder Birkbeck Law
646 Lucy M. Candib, M.D. University of Massachusetts Medical School Family medicine
647 Robert Hamm University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center Psychology, Family Medicine
648 Heather-Lyn Haley Univ of Massachusetts Medical School Family Medicine and Community Health, Sociology
649 Lee Hargraves University of Massachusetts Medical School sociology
650 Karin Reuterswärd Stockholm University Geography
651 Donald Kollisch, MD Dartmouth Medical School Family Medicine
652 Stephen Holzapfel University of Toronto, Canada Family Medicine
653 Nicholas Riches University of Manchester Medical student
654 Theodore M. Shoemaker, MD, MS, Asst. Professor University of Massachusetts Medical School Family Medicine
655 Vincent M. B. Silenzio M.D., M.P.H. University of Rochester Family Medicine, Psychiatry, Community and Preventive Medicine, Medical Anthropology
656 Barry Saver University of Massachusetts Medical School Family Medicine
657 Jenny Jones University of Leeds/University of Manchester Medicine
658 Jienchi Dorward University of Bristol Medical Student
659 Joel Burton University of Manchester Medicine/Public Health
660 Gurpreet Bola Leeds University Medical Science
661 John Weeks The Universtiy of Manchester Medicine
662 Soren Kudsk-Iversen University of Leeds/ University of Sheffield Medicine
663 Tasmeen Ghafoor University of Leeds Medicine
664 Sakaria Ali University of Leeds / Hull York Medical School Medicine
665 Johanna Haas Illinois State University Geography
666 Flora Ogilvie Imperial College London Medicine
667 Peter Baker Manchester University Medicine
668 Sharmila Subramaniam University of Nottingham Medicine
669 Thomas Briggs University of Nottingham History
670 Bishoy Hanna American University in Cairo Biology
671 maryam zaky Newcastle University/ Bristol University, UK Medicine and International Health
672 Steve Halpin Leeds University Medicine
673 William Gunn TulaneUniversity Research
674 Ximena Castro UMASS Family Medicine Residency Family Medicine
675 Tom Yates University College London Medicine
676 Raffi Balian South Riverdale Community Health Centre Harm Reduction
677 Elsa Wiehe University of Massachusetts, Amherst Education
678 Theresa Austin University of Massachusetts, Amherst Applied Linguistics:Multlimgualism & society,Cross cultural communication, Teacher Education,Language Policy
679 Mona Zaky University of East Anglia Medicine
680 Peter Sawires Physicians for Reproductive Health and Choice Director of Medical Education
681 Tony Mann University of Greenwich Mathematics
682 Leda Raptis Queen's University Cell Biology
683 Pedro Beltrao EMBL - Heidelberg Bioinformatics
684 Dr Sonia Mangwana Royal College of Psychiatrists Adult Psychiatry
685 waldschmidt Université Pierre et Marie Curie Paris VI Mathématiques
686 Laila Younes LSHTM, Univeristy Of London Public Health in Developing Countries
687 Charalampos Tsoumpas Imperial College London Science
688 Paola Bonacini University of Catania Mathematics
689 Syksy Rasanen CERN Physics
690 Marta Bunge McGill University Mathematics
691 Tom Leinster University of Glasgow Mathematics
692 Felipe Martínez-Pastor University of Castilla-La Mancha Biology
693 Peter Teichner University of California, Berkeley Mathematics
694 David Cimasoni University of California, Berkeley Mathematics
695 James Sethian University of California, Berkeley Mathematics
696 William Arveson Universigy of California, Berkeley mathematics
697 Bjarte M. Østvold Norwegian Computing Center Computer Science
698 Jens Hornbostel Universitaet Regensburg Mathematics
699 Mark Haiman University of California, Berkeley Mathematics
700 Thomas Scanlon University of California, Berkeley Mathematics
701 Soledad Martos IRTA Cabrils Phd student
702 Joaquin Moris University of Malaga Psychology
703 sean o'nuallain UC Berkeley Biology
704 Erwin Schau Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) Industrial ecology
705 David Garcia-Alvarez Lancaster University Physics
706 Donald Sarason University of California, Berkeley Mathematics
707 Emiko Dupont Stony Brook University, New York Mathematics
708 Laura Wisewell University of Glasgow Mathematics
709 Bas Edixhoven Universiteit Leiden Mathematics
710 Prof Jeffrey Webb University of Glasgow Mathematics
711 Ian Anderson University of Glasgow Mathematics
712 Igor Brbre Institute of Information Sciences, Maribor, Slovenia Information and Library Sciences
713 Sandra Pott University of Glasgow Mathematics
714 Dr Andrew Baker University of Glasgow Mathematics
715 Mateja Presern University of Glasgow Mathematics
716 Ian Strachan University of Glasgow Mathematics
717 Denise Rocha Goncalves Universidade de Sao Paulo Astrophysics
718 Gabor Wiese Universitaet Regensburg Mathematics
719 Ashraf Abbas University of Leeds Medicine
720 Liam Wren-Lewis Oxford University Economics
721 Terry Bucknell University of Liverpool Librarian
722 Martin Gerken University Bremen HTA
723 Dr P David Polly Indiana University Biology
724 Tom Heskes Radboud University Nijmegen Computer Science
725 Peter Hines University of York Computer Science
726 Lynne Morton University of Strathclyde Physics
727 John Reid The University of Sheffield Psychology
728 pirio IRMAR (Rennes, France) Mathematics
729 Dennis Eriksson University of Tokyo Mathematics
730 Yves ANDRE CNRS Paris mathematics
731 Charlie Nicholls University of Exeter English
732 sana sussex, university of auckland international relations
733 Professor Richard Seaford University of Exeter Classics
734 Dr Ella Westland University of Exeter English
735 Denis-Charles Cisinski University Paris 13 Mathematics
736 Margaretta Jolly University of Exeter English
737 Rebecca Kay University of Glasgow Social Anthropology/Sociology/ Russian Area Studies
738 Pere Gutiérrez Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya mathematics
739 loumi enis mechanic of material
740 Kathryn Hess Ecole Poytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne Mathematics
741 Catherine Eschle University of Strathclyde International Relations
742 Stephen Lack University of Western Sydney Mathematics
743 Sarah Lennon University of Glasgow Editorial Office
744 Fiona Mannion Burton Street Foundation Youth Particpation Worker
745 Prof Imti Choonara Univ of Nottingham Child Health
746 Manoel Galdino Pereira Neto USP Political Science
747 Elizabeth Killeen Imperial College London Librarian
748 Christos Zografos Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona Economics
749 Rebecca Edwards Cardiff University Regeneration Institute
750 Marandet Elodie Brunel University Geography
751 Ian Cook University of Birmingham Geography
752 Christian Kerschner ICTA, Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona Ecological Economics
753 Dr. Luke Holman University of Sheffield Zoology
754 Mick Smith Queen's university Environmental Studies / Philosophy
755 sarah bond bondsbooks book seller
756 Abhijnan Rej Max-Planck Institut fuer Mathematik, Bonn Mathematics
757 Kerry Burton University of Exeter Human Geography
758 Kathleen McAfee San Francisco State University International Relations
759 Markus Wissen Institute for Regional Development and Structural Planning, Erkner (near Berlin) Social Sciences
760 Tom Wengraf University of East London Social science
761 Tamar Rothenberg Bronx Community College of the City University of New York Geography
762 Mieka Brand College of Wooster Anthropology
763 L Shillington York University Geography
764 Derek Gregory University of British Columbia Geography
765 Anthony Ince Queen Mary, University of London Geography
766 Graham Martin University of Nottingham Institute for Science and Society
767 Karl Lilja Dept. of Life Sciences, Södertörn University College, Sweden Marine ecotoxicology
768 Oliver Zanetti Queen Mary University of London Geography
769 Adrian Bailey University of Exeter Management
770 Charlotte Burck Tavistock Clinic Psychotherapy
771 Andy Storey University College Dublin Development Studies
772 Niamh McCrea University College Dublin Equality Studies
773 Bernie Grummell University college dublin equality studies
774 Sarah Kanouse Southern Illinois University Carbondale Media Arts
775 Dr Richard Maguire University of East Anglia History and Philosophy
776 Carlos Bruen University College Dublin Equality Studies
777 Mark Griffin University of Exeter Sustainable Development
778 Martyn Pickersgill University of Nottingham Science and Technology Studies
779 Stefan Haefliger ETH Zurich Economics
780 Mark Bailey University of Newcastle International Political Economy
781 Murray Goulden ISS, University of Nottingham Postgraduate student
782 Hilda Parker University of Nottingham Health Services Research
783 Dr Ruth Parry University of Nottingham Clinical research
784 Niamh Nic Carthaigh University College Dublin, Ireland Masters in Equality Studies
785 Dave Rodgers Environmental Techniligies, Kinectrics Aqautic Toxicolgy
786 Dr Barry Rawlins British Geological Survey Geoscience
787 Matthew Lipson Orange Research
788 Adrian Porter University of Exeter Sustainable Development
789 Ng Kok Shern National Institute of Education Singapore Physical Education
790 Janet Cotter University of Exeter Biological Sciences
791 Richard Clarke Birkbeck College, University of London Conservation and countryside management
792 Jonne van Koot Student medicine Medicine
793 Patrick Hochstenbach Ghent University Librarian
794 Paul Bastijns University Gent Library
795 saskia Poldervaart Univ. of Amsterdam Political Science,Genderstudies
796 Albert-Jan Roskam Erasmus Medical Center Rotterdam Public Health
797 Sarah Sladden Newcastle University Medical Student
798 Amy Rowan University of Newcastle upon Tyne Medicine
799 Josie Bate University of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne Medical student
800 Sandy Smith-Nonini University of North Carolina Anthropology
801 Sjiera de Vries TNO Psychology
802 Marta Kirejczyk University of Twente / the Netherlands Science Technology and Society
803 Rachel Spronk University of Amsterdam Anthropology
804 Johan Henriksson Karolinska Institutet Bioinformatics
805 Carolyn Bassett York University Political Science
806 Thorsten Allers Nottingham University Genetics
807 B.J. Gerritsen Author "Anatomie in Vivo van het Bewegingsapparaat" Editor: Elsevier Anatomy
808 Dr P.G.A.Versteeg Free University, Amsterdam Physiology
809 Veerle Van Conkelberge Ghent University University Library
810 Bart Van Gasse Ghent University Mathematics
811 Guido Vanden Berghe Ghent University Belgium Applied Mathematics and Computer Science
812 Patric Jacobs Ghent University, Belgium Geology and Soil Science
813 Peter Brouckaert Ghent University Molecular pathogenesis
814 Karen Shashok Translator--Editorial consultant, Granada, Spain Science-technical-medical
815 Peter Reed University of Essex Linguistics
816 Bart van Oort Wageningen University Biophysics
817 Hetty Koppenaal GGd Netherlands physician
818 Yvette Bommeljé BKWI sociologist
819 Dr Maarten Marx Universiteit van Amsterdam Computer Science
820 Erica Houthuys Ghent University PhD Student
821 Marloes Penning de Vries J.W. Goethe University Frankfurt am Main (Germany) Ph.D. Student
822 Veerle Fack Ghent University Mathematics and Computer Science
823 Marat Gafurov JW Goethe University Physics
824 Mark Prandolini University Frankfurt Physics
825 Didier Moens Ghent University Molecular Biomedics
826 Neal Anthwal Kings College London Developmental Biology
827 Peter Baker MANCHESTER UNIVERSITY, UK Medicine
828 Associate Professor Roger Nokes University of Canterbury Civil Engineering
829 Maarten De Cleene University of Ghent Geology and Soil Science
830 Leo van Bergen Free University Medical Centre Amsterdam medical history
831 Raphael Rogans-Watson Brighton and Sussex Medical School Medicine
832 Gerard Millen Queen's University Belfast Medicine
833 Chris Holden Nottingham University Graduate Entry Medicine Student (4th yr.)
834 Esther Downham Nuffield Centre for International Health and Development, University of Leeds International Health BSc Student
835 Joe Newton University of Newcastle upon Tyne Medical student
836 Matthew Nicoll NHS Psychology
837 Oliver Todd Imperial College London Medicine
838 Catherine Sikorski University College London Medicine
839 Caroline Jones HYMS Medical student
840 Sarah Walpole UCL International Health
841 Dr Emily Spry Sussex Partnership NHS Trust Psychiatry
842 David Biles Bristol University Medicine
843 Eric Pawson University of Canterbury, NZ Geography
844 Nicole Gombay University of Canterbury, NZ Geography
845 Julie Cupples University of Canterbury Geography
846 Matthew Nicoll NHS Psychology
847 Natalie Parkinson University of Bristol Medical student
848 Dr. Bella Dicks Cardiff University School of Social Sciences
849 Harald Bauder University of Guelph, Canada Geography
850 Sahand Hamidi Guilan university of medical science Medicine
851 Jayson MacLean University of Alberta Philosophy
853 C Gajria Imperial College/North Central Thames Hospitals Medicine
854 Dr.Peter Custers Campaigner/Author, 'Questioning Globalized Militarism' (Tulika, Delhi, India, 2007) Economics/Political Science
855 Elin Vanlierde Ghent University Geology
856 Laween Meran Nottingham University Medical School Medicine
857 Bryony Kate Kelshall Rudd Imperial College London Medicine
858 Claude LeBrun SUNY Stony Brook Mathematics
859 Ylva Haraldsdotter Stockholm University Media and communication studies
860 Michael T. Anderson SUNY Stony Brook Mathematics
861 Howard Mann University of Utah Medicine
862 Richard Smith London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine Medical journalism
863 Pala Molisa Victoria University of Wellington Accounting
864 Dr. Brydon Gombay Science for Peace Community Psychology
865 Anthony Pare McGill University Education
866 William Moser McGill University Mathematics
867 Naomi Brewer Massey University Public Health
868 Professor(Emeritus) Jal Choksi, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada Mathematics
869 Noam Chomsky MIT, Cambridge MA Linguistics
870 Katharine O'Moore-Klopf KOK Edit Publishing
871 Alessio Del Padrone Università di Genova Mathematics
872 Claire Gilbert UCL Psychology
873 Chad Weidner Roosevelt Academy (Utrecht University) Netherlands English
874 Richard de Boer De Balie, Centre for Culture and Politics journalist and researcher
875 Bruno Beagle student student
876 Leslie Hamilton Leeds Metropolitan University Economics
877 Ayse Berktay Peace Initiative of Turkey citizen suffering from surge in wars and militarism
878 Sarah Phipps Peninsula Medical School Medical Student
879 Sahin Alp Taskaya Middle East Technical University Philosophy
880 Professor David Weir Ceram Sophia Antipolis Management
881 Mike Klein Unniversity of St. Thomas, Minnesota, USA Justice and Peace Studies
882 semra somersan ?stanbul Bilgi Univ Sociology
883 Salvo Zedda www.economiaistituzionale.blogspot.com Economia istituzionale e studi organizzativi
884 TÜLAY ÇELLEK Yıldız Teknik Üniversitesi Sanat ve Tasarım Fakültesi
885 Dr Neil Gregor Southampton History
886 gulay gunluk senesen istanbul university economics
887 Richard Hornsey University of the West of England, Bristol Cultural Studies
888 Prof.Dr.Dilek Ozcengiz CUTF Medicine
889 Tom van Gurp Eiland Sport journalist
890 Pamela Miller McGill University History of Medicine, Osler Library
891 David G. Wareham University of Canterbury Civil Engineering
892 Margaret Clay Inner Temple Library Law Librarian
893 Damien Lanfrey City University (London) Sociology / ICT
894 Frances Groen McGill University, Montreal, Canada Emeritus Library Director
895 Jean-Claude Guedon Universite de Montreal Comparative literature
896 Jason Parsley Wake Forest University Mathematics
897 Judy Symansky McGill University Libraries
898 Beth Dunning McGill University Librarian
899 Benjamin Patterson University College London Medicine
900 Federico Allodi University of Toronto, Canada Psychiatry
901 Sarah Legrand Harvard University International Health
902 Hannes Jeremie Université de Montréal Physics
903 J.A.Paterson University of Manitoba Human Anatomy & Cell Science
904 Cathrine Miller University of Nottingham Medicine
905 David Dorward West Lothian Health Care Trust Anaesthetics
906 Amir Attaran University of Ottawa Law and Medicine
907 Leszek Wojnowski University Mainz, Germany Pharmacology
908 Keith Nockels University of Leicester Medical librarian
909 Nick James University of Leicester Librarian
910 Dr Fred Martineau United Bristol Healthcare Trust Paediatrics
911 Floris Vanmolkot University Hospital Maastricht Internal Medicine
912 graham kirkwood imperial college medicine
913 Dr T Kirk Newcastle University History
914 Tom Marshall London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine Medical Statistics
915 Marion Hersh University of Glasgow assistive technology and engineering and ethics
916 Dr Hera Cook University of Birmingham History
917 Professor Steven French University of Leeds Philosophy
918 Lesley McGorrigan University of Leeds Psychology Administration
919 Deirdre O'Sullivan University of Leicester Archaeology
920 Arthur Pritchard University of Leeds Theatre and Performance
921 Dr Amanda Sackur London Metropolitan University history/ international politics
922 Gavin Reid University of leeds Chemistry
923 André Joyal Université du Québec à Montréal Mathematics
924 Pablo Giovanny Jacob
925 Professor Clive L. Spash CSIRO, Australia Economics
926 Mary Dobbing University of Westminster Complementary Health
927 Richard Payne London Metropolitan University Refugee Assessment and Guidance Unit
928 Harold Shalet Mind Greenwich Volounteer Counseller and Management Board Member
929 Kate Whittaker Highfield Communications Medical Education
930 Dr Thomas Haag NHS Consultant Anaesthesia & Pain Medicine
931 Rodolfo Guzmán Cervantes Universidad de Costa Rica Medicina
932 Fabian Sanabria Gonzalez Universidad de Costa Rica Medicine
933 José Luis Quirós Universidad de Costa Rica Medicina
934 Judith Wright UEL International Human Rights Law
935 Barry O'Donovan Irish Travellers' Advisory Service Teacher/Adviser
936 Carlos Ovares Arroyo Universidad de Costa Rica Medicina
937 Harlen Fonseca Reyes Universidad de Costa Rica Medicina
938 Jennifer Manuel Leeds pct General Practice
939 Karen Evans University of Liverpool Sociology
940 Phil Gold McGill University Medicine
941 Roger Palfree McGill University Medicine, Microbiology and Immunology
942 Bruce W. Case McGill University Pathology and Epidemiology
943 Rudiger Krahe McGill University Biology
944 Jay Brophy McGill University Medicine
945 Gerbern S. Oegema McGill University Religious Studies
946 Helga Weisz Klagenfurt University Environmental sciences
947 John O'Neill Manchester University Philosophy
948 Andrew Jull University of Auckland Nursing
949 Dr Kevin J Monahan Cancer Research UK Clinical Research
950 Carlos Chaverri MD Social Security Hospital Costa Rica Nephrologist and Internal Medicine
951 Floris de Lange FC Donders Centre for Cognitive Neuroimaging Cognitive Neuroscience
952 Danielle Lamb University of Leeds Philosophy
953 Tania Winstanley Universtiy of Leeds Intellectual Property - Lawyer
954 Laurence Green, MD, FRCP(C) McGill University Medicine
955 Helmut Haberl Institute of Social Ecology, Klagenfurt University Human ecology
956 Gordon McLeay NHS General Practice
957 Stephanie Taylor Voluntary sector Information management
958 Andrew Dove NHS Medical Library
959 Julian Hodgson NHS Librarian
960 Jim Nicell McGill University Civil Engineering
961 Shona MacNeilage NHS Librarian
962 S Beck Charity Librarian
963 Marianne Galloway Wishaw General Hospital Library Assisstant
964 Julia Haworth Voluntary Sector Information Management
965 Mary Draffin Voluntary sector Information management
966 Anna O'Neill NHS Librarian
967 Linda Farley NHS Librarian
968 Jessica Barlow SWBH NHS Trust Medical Librarianship
969 Paul Stainthorp University of Lincoln Librarianship
970 C Welch St Helena Hospice Palliative Care Library
971 Daren Mansfield University of Lincoln Library
972 James Allen Stockport NHS Foundation Trust Librarianship
973 Stephen Hyde University of Oxford Molecular Biology
974 Fabienne Michaud University of Brighton Librarian
975 koby appiah burnley gen. hospital gynaecology
976 Hannah Bentley Warwick University Politics and International Studies
977 Daphne Grey University College London Hospital Librarian
978 Jo Delderfield NHS Librarian
979 Catherine Ebenezer Royal College of Midwives Library
980 James Riste NHS Librarian
981 Charlie Leppington NHS Librarian
982 Denise Linay Royal College of Midwives Midwifery
983 Philippe Archambault McGill University School of Physical and Occupational Therapy
984 Judith Hegenbarth University of Birmingham Librarian
985 Derick Yates NHS Information
986 Fiona Murray BCFTCS Librarian
987 andrew carrick Chesterfield royal hospital Librarian
988 Sean Wallis University College London AI, Computing and Linguistics
989 Tom Guy Poole Hospital NHS Trust Doctor
990 Linda Cooper McGill University Faculty of Science, Science Writing
991 Carolyn Doree Oxford NHS Trust Information Science
992 Claire Trottier McGill University Immunology
993 C Goddard University of Lincoln Marketing
994 Alison Taylor University of Worcester Health Librarianship
995 Dr A. Mangera sabbatical public Health
996 Dr F.M.Chenia Gawler Health Services -Adelaide Consultant Obstetrics & Gynaecology
997 Ms KArmilla Chenia Scholar
998 Mr Rashaad Mangera-Chenia Scholar
999 MS. Sophie Mangera Lewisham Council Health & Safety
1000 Manjeet K Dhillon BCFTCS Sport, Leisure, Tourism
1001 Jane Del-Pizzo # Legal librarian
1002 Dr Humphrey Dunn University Hospitals Coventry & Warwickshire Head of Knowledge Services
1003 Caroline Lloyd London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine Librarian
1004 Sonja Frankl Elsevier Editor
1005 Christl Kiener private medical doctor and freelance editor
1006 Pietro Bottazzi Senaf Trade Fairs
1007 Sheryl Amesbury Maternity leave (NHS) Librarian/Research
1008 Pat Lawrence Dudley PCT Librarian
1009 Sara Stock NHS Librarian
1010 Zara Hansen University of Warwick Physiotherapist / Research Fellow
1011 Dr Denis Walsh Univerisity of Central lancashire Midwifery
1012 Sarah George NHS Librarian
1013 Jan Foster St. Joseph Medical Center librarian
1014 Marie Carter NHS Health Librarian
1015 Julie Stielstra Central DuPage Hospital Librarian
1016 Beth Transue Messiah College Science and Health Librarian
1017 Elisabeth Rowan Shriners Hospital for Children Lexington Medical Librarian
1018 Cynthia A. Arnold Mid Coast Hospital Medical Librarian
1019 David Mockler Trinity College Dublin Library
1020 Lareta Finger Messiah College Theology
1021 Angella Lambrou McGill University Librarian
1022 Jason Curtis Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust Medical Librarian
1023 Ivan Hanigan School of Environmental Research, Charles Darwin University. Environmental Health
1024 Siobahn Price NHS Health Librarian
1025 Rafael Bravo Toledo Servicio Madrileño de Salud General Practitioner
1026 Ros Syers Southend Hospital Librarian
1027 Belen Dominguez Setem Journalism
1028 Jesus Redondo Sanchez Servicio Madrileño de Salud General Practitioner
1029 alan simpson southern general hospital, glasgow senior library assistant
1030 José Antonio Frías Universidad de Salamanca (Spain) Library and Information Science
1031 Beatriz Casal Acción Beatriz Casal Acción Librarian and information science
1032 Francisco Jose Saez Martinez Sociedad Madrileña de Medicina General General Practitioner
1033 Susan Mottram Leeds University Health Sciences Library
1034 Sara Gonzalez-Calvo Baeza Hospital Clinico Universitario Valladolid librarian
1035 Félix Miguel García Gerenciad e Atención Primaria Valladolid Oeste Médico de Familia
1036 Carlos Labordena Servei Valencia de Salut pediatrician
1037 Teresa Mas Vilardell Hospital Santa Creu i Sant Pau - Barcelona Information and Documentation Managment
1038 Antoni Palau Atención Primaria Reus (España) Medicine
1039 Paco Fumagallo Universiad de Las Palmas GC Health Science Librarian
1041 José Vallejo Triano Hospital Regional Universitario Carlos Haya Librarianship
1042 Silvia Fuertes Hospital Regional Universitario Carlos Haya Library
1043 lourdes abadía lasilla subdireccion de salud publica de Gipuzkoa sanidad alimentaria
1044 Julio A. Martínez Morilla University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Library. Librarian. Sports Science
1045 Lourdes Abadía Lasilla Gobierno Vasco Sanidad Alimentaria
1046 Luis Rubio Toledano Spanish National Health Service Family Doctor
1047 José A. Sánchez Suárez Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Library
1048 Marcos Antonio Catalán Vega Corporació Sanitària Parc Taulí Librarian
1049 Rosana del Amo Atención Primaria Valladolid Médico de familia
1050 Fontcuberta, Jordi Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau. Barcelona Haematology. Hemostasia and Thrombosis Unit
1051 Juan Enrique Cimas Contrueces Health Center - Gijón (Spain) Medicine
1052 Luz Marina Acosta Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Bibliotecas
1053 Mª Luisa Lopez Avello Hospital de Cabueñes Biblioteca
1054 Susana Rodriguez Facultad de ciencias exactas, fisicas y naturales Ciencias naturales
1055 Rafael Llanes de Torres EAP PRESENTACION SABIO - AREA 8 - MADRID Family Medicine
1056 Isabel Jiménez-Lucena University of Málaga History of Medicine
1057 Rafael Martínez de la Eranueva Osakidetza - Servicio Vasco de Salud General Practitioner
1058 José María Pérez Rabinal Zaragoza University (Spain) Librarian
1059 Mª Jesús Asensio Universidad de Zaragoza, Facultad de Medicina (Spain) Librarian
1060 Remedios Melero Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC) Information research
1061 Steve Dow Sheffield University Applied Linguistics
1062 Chantal Robillard, Ph.D. Douglas Hospital Research Center - McGill University Anthropology
1063 Patricia Fernández Abenoza Univeristy Library Librarian
1064 Miguel Roman Balearic Health Service. Spain General practitioner
1065 Susan Sanders University of Missouri Kansas City Health Sciences Librarian
1066 Carmen Cámara Escribano Medicina de Familia médica
1067 Ana Romero Huerta Universidad de Zaragoza. Facultad de Medicina. Librarian
1068 Charo Cerrada Universidad de Zaragoza Library
1069 David Brunt Nottingham University Information science
1070 Javier Martin Unviersidad Europea de Madrid Librarian
1071 Isabel Arenilla Juanas Sistema Nacional de Salud Español - SERMAS (Madrid) Medicina Familiar y Comunitaria
1072 Isabel Hervias CIMA Gene Therapy and Hepatology
1073 Ernesto Barrera Linares Servicio Madrileño de Salud Médico de Familia
1075 January CIMA Gene Therapy and Hepatology
1076 Laura Beduz Royal College of General Practitioners Librarian
1077 Elvira Munoz Universidad Central de Venezuela Biblioteca Central-Arquitectura
1078 Soledad Lorenzo Borda Servicio Madrileño de Salud Médico de Familia
1079 maite garcia ruiz rba photo archive
1080 Francisco Tosete Universidad Carlos III de Madrid Information Architecture
1081 Carlos Coscollar SALUD. Aragón. Spain Family Medicine
1082 Elena Primo Peña Instituto de salud Carlos III (Spain) Informtion Science (librarian)
1083 Alias Cummins Self Employed Programmer
1084 Angel Fermoselle Gil Agencia Valenciana de Salud Médico de Familia
1085 Lourens van Emmenis Self Employed Design Engineer
1086 Inmaculada Fernandez Saez Universidad Complutense de Madrid Librarian
1088 Amy Frey Hospital for Special Care Medical Librarian
1089 Inmaculada Fernandez SAS Medicina
1090 Smetschka Barbara Klagenfurt University Social Anthropology
1091 Andrew Seal University College London Public Health Nutrition
1092 Rosina Bossio Universidad de la Republica Uruguay Librarian
1093 Graciela Cippa Universidad de la Republica Uruguay Librarianship
1094 Rosario Vico Univerisdad de la Republica Librarian
1095 Prof John S Yudkin MD FRCP University College London Medicine
1096 John S Yudkin UCL Medicine
1097 Alice Keefer Universitat de Barcelona Library and Information Science
1098 Elena Basabe Servicio Cantabro de Salud Medicina Familiar y Comunitaria
1099 Carlos Aguado Servicio Cantabro de Salud Medicina Familiar y Comunitaria
1100 inigo de miguel University of the Basque Country bioethics
1101 Carlos Grijalva University College London Nutrition
1102 Catherine Polling Royal Free and University College Medical School Medicial Student
1103 David Barr UCL (alumni) Medicine
1104 Majdi Osman UCL Student
1105 sarai cima gene therapy and hepatology
1106 Swapna Reddy UCL Medicine
1107 Juan Jose Bilbao Larrañaga Osakidetza-spain Medico de familia y Comunitario
1108 Pilar del Río Sacyl. Spain Family doctor
1109 Luis García Ledesma Servicio Madrileño de Salud Medicina Familiar y Comunitaria
1110 Sophie Martin University College London International Health
1111 Albino Navarro Fundación Investigación Biomédica Hosp. Gregorio Marañón Bimedical Research Manager
1112 Jose F. Ávila Instituto Madrileño de la Salud Medicina de Familia y Comunitaria
1113 Mª del Canto de Hoyos Alonso Atención Primaria Medica de familia
1114 Marco Cristancho CENICAFE Plant Research
1117 Carlos Avellaneda Martínez FREMAP Médico de familia
1118 Elin Aamdal University of Liverpool medicine
1119 Salvador Cuesta Toro Atención Primaria Medicina familiar y Comunitaria
1120 Jesús Combarro Mato Servicio Galego de Saúde. Galicia. España Médico
1121 Dr. Juan Carlos Olazabal SACYL,. SPAIN General Practitioner
1122 José Cordero Guevara Universidad de Burgos (Spain) Public Health
1123 MªAntonia Llauger Rosselló ICS Medicina de Familia
1124 Mercedes Fernández Girón SERMAS.SPAIN Family Medicine
1125 Azucena Blanco Perez Freelance Librarian Health Information Science
1126 Xavier Grau Gilabert CAP Marià Fortuny REUS (Catalonia) Metge de familia
1127 Jorge Soler CS Rambla de Ferran MD, FP.
1128 Brian Little Royal Free Hospital Medicine
1129 Dr Neil Datta Royal Free Hospital Medicine
1130 Oliver Salguero Public Health Care Madrid Medicine
1131 José Luis Galán Cabilla Biblioteca del Banco de España Librarian
1132 Alberto Cadiñanos Servicio Cantabro de Salud, Universidad de Cantabria Family Medicine
1133 Ana Calvo Ferrer Centro Galego de Arte Contemporánea CGAC Librarian
1134 Àngel Lluís Carrillo Pujol CAP Marià Fortuny, Reus (Spain) Family Medicine
1135 Teodoro Gutierrez Landeras Centro de salud Dobra Medico
1136 Luisa Cervantes Martínez Universidad de Almería (España) Bibliotecaria
1137 Amalia Nacher Fernandez Centro de Salud Barranquet:.Conselleria de Sanitat. Pediatra
1138 MªJosé Ruiz-Somavilla University of Malaga History of Medicine
1139 David Costa Miserachs Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona Neuroscience
1140 Asuncion Trenor Universidad Politecnica de Valencia Librarian
1141 Patricia C. Grant-Pérez Universidad Complutense de Madrid Historia
1142 M. Jose Lopez Atencion Primaria Castilla y Leon medicine
1143 Lucia Alonso SERMAS Medicina de Familia
1144 isabel prieto IMSALUD medical
1145 Josep Vives Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya Librarian
1146 francesc german rebull ics metge de familia
1147 Isabel Rodriguez Complejo Hospitalario Universitario de Albacete librarian
1148 Concepción Varela Orol Universidad de Coruña (España) Documentation
1149 Belen Hidalgo Martin Gobierno de Canarias Environment
1150 Angel Beumala Technical University of Catalonia (UPC) Librarian
1151 Miguel Moreno Vernis Universidad de Zaragoza Biblioteconomía y Documentación
1152 Belén Mosquera Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (España) Librarian
1153 concha mosquera de arancibia instituto español de oceanografía scientist editor
1154 Paul Cotter Portiuncula Hospital, Co. Galway, Ireland Geriatric Medicine
1155 goas paz ana maria universidad carlos III de madrid bibliotecaria
1156 Rachel Woodward Newcastle University Geography
1157 Andreu Universitat de València Library and Information Science
1158 Preeti Jha Oxford Social Anthropology
1159 Ian Anderson The University of Greenwich PGCE PCET TESOL
1160 Erika Arteaga University of South Florida Global Health
1161 Irene Ruiz de Conejo Universidad de Santiago de Compostela Librarian
1162 Dinorah Gonzalez Blasco Comision Honoraria de Lucha contra el Cancer Librarian
1163 Riz Medical Library Medical Librarian
1164 Barry Posner McGill University Medicine
1165 Mark Goldberg McGill University Epidemiology
1166 Anne Gonzalez McGill University Medicine
1167 Jesús Molina SERMAS Médico de familia
1168 Christian Rocheleau McGill University Developmental biology
1169 Caroline Crook University of Brighton Librarian
1170 Dr D. Laporta Sir MB Davis Jewish General Hospital Critical Care Medicine
1171 Kaberi Dasgupta McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada Medicine and Epidemiology
1172 Hans Zingg McGill University Medicine
1173 Marie Dooley Stockport NHS Foundation Trust Midwifery
1174 Francisco Alguacil Mata Institut Català de la Salut. Barcelona Médico de familia
1175 Angela Pereira University College London Medicine
1176 José Francisco Ávila SERMAS Médico de Familia
1177 Santiago C. Gonzalez-Martinez Center of Forest Research-INIA Evolutionary Biology
1178 Leonor Fuertes Martín Atencion Primaria. España Médico de Familia
1179 Amelia Cibeira Complejo Hospitalario Univ. de Vigo (Spain) Librarian
1180 Sergio Ruiz Servicio Madrileño de Salud General Practitioner
1181 Mabel Calderín Universidad Católica Andrés Bello Information Science
1182 Vineet Gupta All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India Emergency Medicine
1183 Gonzalo Moyano Cátedra Libre de Salud y DDHH - Facultad de Medicina - UBA Médico - Docente e Investigador
1184 Mangesh Thorat Indiana University Translational Genomics
1185 Silvia Amador Rueda Eina, Escola de Disseny i Art Librarian
1186 Catalina Rivas Ramos Hospital de Motril (Granada). SAS Librarian
1187 Ana Belén de los Toyos de Castro Gobierno del Principado de Asturias, Consejería de Economía y Administración Pública, Dirección General de Modernización, Servicio de Archivos Administrativos y Documentación Information Sciences
1188 Juan Antonio Sánchez Sánchez Servicio Murciano de Salud General Practitioner
1189 Sharon Weadick Trinity College Dublin Archaeology and History
1190 Muiris Ó Raghallaigh Trinity College Dublin An tSean-Ghaeilge
1191 Renae Satterley The Honourable Society of Middle Temple Library
1192 Erika Gwynnett University of Newcastle Medical Librarian
1193 Andrew Carr St Vincent's Hospital, Sydney Clinical Immunology
1194 Genevieve Gore McGill University Library
1195 Prof John Grange University College London Infectious Diseases
1196 Greg Mikkelson McGill University Environmental Studies
1197 Marcial Gondar Portasany Universidade de Santiago de Compostela Anthropology
1198 Ann Mathews Southwestern Virginia Mental Health Institute Medical Librarian
1199 Dr Stephen Clayton Univeristy of Liverpool, Division of Public Health sociology
1200 L Scheewe University Utrecht Conflict Studies
1201 Ahmad Ayaz Sabri Allied Hospital Faisalabad, Pakistan Internal Medicine
1202 Bilal Shoaib Private Practice Dentist
1203 Tony Hodges Carshalton College Surrey UK ESOL
1204 Cristóbal Carnero Pardo Hospital Universitario Virgen de las Nieves, Granada, Spain Neurologist
1205 Guillermo Rubio Hospital de Valme. Sevilla. SPAIN Neurologo
1206 Carmen Garcia Guijo Hospital de Jerez. Cádiz. SPAIN Neurologo
1207 Ramón Zabalza Estévez Hospital Donostia - San Sebastián (Guipúzcoa) - Spain Neurologist
1209 Francisco Gilo Arrojo Sanatorio Nª Sª Rosario Médico
1210 Jan Meijer Geodan Sociology / Management
1211 Gustavo C. Rodriguez-Roca SESCAM, Spain General Practitioner
1212 Larry Benjamin Stoke Mandeville Hospital Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon
1213 Federico de la Peña Colina Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara Neurologia
1214 Margarita Escriche Soriano Universitat de València (Spain) University Library
1215 Manuel University of Valencia Information Science
1216 Beverley E. Pearson Murphy McGill University Medicine
1217 Elizabeth O'Brien McGill University Dermatology
1218 Françoise Meyer Universidad de Los Andes Linguistics
1219 Francisca Gines Universitat de Valencia Docente
1220 Abdel M. Fuenmayor P. Universidad de Los Andes, Mérida. Venezuela medicine (cardiology)
1221 Salvador Tranche Iparraguirre Centro de Salud El Cristo.Servicio de Salud del Principado de Asturias Medicina Familiar y Comunitraia
1222 Charles Bazerman University of California Education
1223 Jaime Forero Centre de Recherche Astrophysique de Lyon Astrophysics
1224 Jose Manuel Lopez Abuin Spanish Institute of Rural Health Medicine
1225 Hans Verhoef Wageningen University, The Netherlands Epidemiology
1226 rafael gracia ballarin Basque country Health Service Family Phisician
1227 Luisa Fernandez Sierra feelencer medical translator
1228 Jennifer Hall University of Manchester Medicine
1229 Piedad Fernandez-Toledo University of Murcia. Spain Linguistics
1230 Jordi Pique-Angordans Universitat de Valencia (Spain) English Philology
1231 Dr. Thomas Maniatis McGill University Internal Medicine and Clinical Ethics
1232 Antonio Heras Tebar ICS Nursing
1233 Dr David Male Epsom and St Helier Hospitals Anaesthesia
1234 Maria José Gallinad Universitat de Lleida Library
1235 Akbar Fuenmayor Universidad de Los Andes. Mérida. Venezuela Medicine (intensive care, paediatrics)
1236 Lorna Haynes Universidad de Los Andes, Mérida. Venezuela Ecological agriculture
1237 shirley steinberg mcgill university education
1238 Joe L. Kincheloe McGill University Education
1239 Consuelo Alcover San Pedro Universidad de Valencia Biblioteca Histórica
1240 Nuran Savaskan AKDOGAN PAITME- TURKEY Political Science and History
1241 Roman Horak University of Applied Arts Vienna Sociology
1242 pilar avila castellsa Hospital universitari Josep Trueta (Girona. Spain) general medicine, bioethics
1243 semra somersan ?stanbul Bilgi Univ sociology
1244 Antoni Agustí Institut Català Salut. Olot.Spain Family Medicine
1245 Ivor Stodolsky Helsinki University Russian Culture and Social Theory
1247 Jenni Burt UCL Public Health
1249 Aditya Raj McGill University Education
1250 Edson Perini Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais - Brasil Farmacoepidemiologia
1251 claudio daniel molle Hospital Zubizarreta anesthesiologyst
1252 Colin Lankshear McGill University Education
1253 Liliana M. Dávalos University of Manchester Evolutionary Biology
1254 Gary L. Anderson New York University Educational Administration
1255 Bas van Heur Center for Metropolitan Studies, TU Berlin Sociology
1256 Sebnem Oguz York University Political Science
1257 Fiza Jabeen University of Nottingham Medicine
1258 Bas van de Sande University of Amsterdam Chemistry
1259 Lola RoldánTapia Univ de Almeria, Spain Neuroscience
1260 Tim Clark York University Political Science
1261 michael mooradian lupro bowling green state university american culture studies
1262 Adam Pearce York University Political Science
1263 Adelina Codina university of general studies of valence (spain) libraries
1264 Catherine F. Kudo McGill University Endocrinology
1265 Bárbara Revuelta Spanish Council for Scientific Research Demography
1266 Paul Allison McGill University Dentistry
1267 jesse goldstein city university of new york sociology
1268 Ibrahim Gundogdu METU Social Science
1269 Kathleen Dixon University of North Dakota English
1270 Tom Marois York University Social Sciences
1271 Frank Verhaegen McGill University Medical Physics
1272 Germano Ferreira University of Portsmouth Pharmacy
1273 Luis Justo Universidad Nacional del Comahue Bioethics
1274 Grraciela Jacob Pallium Latinoamerica Palliative Medicine
1275 Salvador Casado Spanish national health service family medicine
1276 Noah De Lissovoy University of Texas at San Antonio Education
1277 Lourdes Diaz Soto University of Texas Education
1278 Dr David Nicholl City Hospital, Birmingham Neurology
1279 Harry Shizgal McGill University Medicine
1280 Joseph Harbison University of Dublin, Trinity College Medical Gerontology
1281 Alicia Cameron Messiah College Theology/Religion
1282 Elisabeth Clark McGill University Research Ethics
1283 Will Foulkes McGill University Medicine
1284 helena thornton General practitioner family medicine
1285 Declan Collins Barts and The Royal London Surgery
1286 Simon Young McGill University Psychiatry
1287 Mark Ong University of Edinburgh Surgery
1288 Catheine Ford NHS Medicine
1289 Mark Taubert Morriston Hospital, Swansea Doctor
1290 Papia Raj McGill University Geography
1291 Julian Germann York University Political Science
1292 José María del Valle Catalán Ministry of Public Health - Guatemala Pharmacovigilance
1293 Melanie Richter-Montpetit York University Political Science
1294 Dr. Douglas Cohen Adler School of Professional Psychology Psychology
1295 Violeta Sánchez Sánchez Hospital Virgen Macarena, Seville, Spain Neurology
1296 Marta Barandiaran Forcada Osakidetza (Basque-country) general medicine
1297 Javier Segovia Hospital Puerta de Hierro, Madrid, Spain Medicine
1298 Marta Gonzalez Garcia Atencion Primaria. Gijon.España Medico de Familia
1299 Sujatha Jagannathan Duke University Microbiology
1300 Kate Ervine York University (Canada) Political Science
1301 Thomas Colnot Merck KGaA Toxicology
1302 Nadia Marín Arrazola Ministerio de Salud Pública Farmaceutica
1303 Selime Guzelsari Public Administration
1304 Diane Gal University of Portsmouth, UK Health Sciences
1305 Gavin Fridell Trent University Politics
1306 Jose M. Pichardo Instituto de Especialidades Medicas Pulmologist
1307 Alberto Yagüe Muñoz Agència Valenciana de Salut Clinical Microbiology
1308 Ozlem Tezcek Marmara University Development Economics
1309 José María López Lozano Hospital Vega Baja - Spain Epidemiology
1310 Dr Jackie Applebee Medical Foundation for the Care of Victims of Torture General Practice
1311 pirjo Hiltunen Unversity of Helsinki Sociology
1312 Maggie Falshaw Limehouse Practice Practice manager and partner
1313 Kate Perris Imperial College London medicine
1314 Padmasayee Papineni West Hertfordshire Primary Care Trust medicine
1315 Dr Ben Hart Chrisp Street Health Centre General Practice
1316 katja keisala The University of tampere, Finland International relations
1317 Duncan Edwards James Paget Univesity Hospital Accident and emergency medicine
1318 Ana Aliaga Maraver IMSALUD ( Spanish National Health Service) Family physician
1319 Jacques DIEZI, MD Fac. Biol Med., Univ. of Lausanne, Switzerland pharmacology-toxicology
1320 Viyaasan Mahalingasivam Barts & The London Medical School Student doctor
1321 Joke Lemiengre Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium Medical Ethics
1322 Dr Anna Livingstone MA MSc MB BS FRCGP The Limehouse Practice Tower Hamlets London E14 8HQ General medical practice
1323 Cristina Inés Lucero CINAS Librarian (Medicine)
1324 Baris Karaagac York University and the WSI, Duesseldorf, Germany Political Science
1325 Phillip Bennett-Richards Tower Hamlets GP Medicine
1326 Chris Griffiths Queen Mary Primary Care
1327 albert pages artuñedo ics.catalonia m.d.
1328 Mikko Seppänen Helsinki University Central Hospital Infectious Diseases & Immunology
1329 Dr Yezen Sheena UCL Hospital Medicine
1330 marga deniz Publica madre
1331 Volker Frick Universitäts- und Landesbibliothek Münster, Zweigbibliothek Medizin Librarian
1332 Herminia Arrazola Moreno Hospital Universitario Central de Asturias Bibliotecaria
1333 Guillermo Sánchez Municipalidad De Junín. Bs As. Argentina Médico
1334 Rodriguez-Morua, Javier MD Osakidetza Family doctor
1335 Wilma Marrero Inter American University of Puerto Rico School of Optometry
1336 dr fakhir mayo hospital lahore medicine
1337 Rommy Arce Legua Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain) Librarian
1338 Nancy Abreu University of Puerto Rico Rio Piedras Librarian
1339 Antoni Oliver Roig Servicio Murciano de Salud Matron
1340 Vikram RS Jhajj Barts and The London Medical School Medicine
1341 teresa fenollosa garcia ICS pediatrician
1343 Drs. B.Mol retired Educational management
1344 Vicente Bigorra Servicio Valenciano Sanidad General Practitioner
1345 Jose Cristobal Buñuel Alvarez Institut Catala de la Salut (Spain) Pediatrician
1346 Juan Delgado SERGAS Galcia Spain Pediatrician
1347 Nazaret Castro SERGAS Galicia Spain Nurse
1348 Nieves Lobato Gómez IMSALUD Pediatrics
1349 Dr Joannis Vamvakopoulos University of Birmingham Immunology
1350 Julia Parada Sergas. Servicio galego de saude Pediatra
1351 Lottie Hamer Sussex University International Relations and Philosophy BA
1352 Rebecca Ashley University of Sussex Anthropology
1353 David Stewart Bristol University History
1354 Aseel Hegazi London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine Infectious Diseases
1355 Ganessan Kichenadasse TQEH H/Oncology
1356 Mathieu Lemaire Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto Pediatrics
1357 Robin Cohen McGill University Palliative Care
1358 Petra Münzel-Kaiser private Medical Editor
1359 Laurence Hynes Queen Mary's Medical Student
1360 Dr. Sabine Schmidt Zeitschrift Komplementäre und Integrative Medizin Chefredaktion, München
1361 Dr. Margaret J. McGregor University of British Columbia Family Practice
1362 Rachel Green University of Edinburgh medical student
1363 Sarah Maynard University of Leeds Biological Science
1364 Francisco Jose Celada Cajal SESCAM Infirmary
1365 Stephen FitzPatrick Brighton and Sussex Medical School Medical Student
1366 Steven Carlip University of California at Davis physics
1367 Dr. med. Johannes Mayer D.O.M. EROP (European Register for osteopathic Physicians) Osteopathy
1368 Dr. Jaime Flores MSP Ecuador Medico Rural Rio verde Ecuador
1369 john buttrick York University (retired) economics
1370 Marja Rytkönen University of Tampere Russian language and culture
1371 Begoña Sánchez Sistema Nacional de Salud Español. Hospital Carlos Haya Enfermera
1372 Dr Alison Smailes Chrisp Street Health Centre, London E14 6PG General Practitioner
1373 Susan Knechtel Queen Mary University, London Medical Student
1374 Arlene Drucker individual pharma
1375 Carolyn Martin St. Vincent Hospital Medical Librarian
1376 Mark Massyn Poole Hospital Geriatrics
1377 Dr Golda Ninan NHS, UK General Practice
1378 Heidi Lyons Boston University Science Librarian
1379 Bill Clintworth University of Southern California Health Sciences Librarian
1380 Dr. Jürgen Schottdorf own practice General medicine
1381 Lalitha Mayuranathan University of Warwick Medicine
1382 Jordan Sloshower Edinbirgh University Medical Anthropology
1383 Joel Lexchin York University Health Policy
1384 Sol Reixa Vizoso Salud Spain Medico de Familia
1385 Lucilla Butler Medicine
1386 Chris Fleet Gwent Healthcare NHS Trust Librarian
1387 Pam White NHS Librarianship
1388 Vicki Cormie University of St Andrews Library
1389 Jackie Wickham University of Nottingham Information professional
1390 Nancy Graham University of Birmingham Library
1391 Victoria Boskett Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust Mental Health
1392 Lynda Brain NHS Librarian
1393 Jenny Brine Lancaster University Library Librarian (Health and Medicine)
1394 Susan gilbert St George's University of London Library
1395 Saji S. Nair Regional Cancer Centre, Trivandrum, India Library & Information Science
1396 Martha Silvia Martinez Silveira CPqGM - FIOCRUZ Librarian
1397 wigberta martin hospital 12 de octubre medicine
1398 Jeannine Gluck ECHN Hospital
1399 Karen Cole University of Kansas Medical Center Medical Librarian
1400 Kari Schmidt Georgetown University Medical Librarian
1401 Patricia Leembruggen Drury University Education
1402 Alex Hodges American University Librarian
1403 Amy Beaith University of Toronto Librarian
1404 Joan Colburn Mountain Area Health Education Center (MAHEC) Librarian
1405 herbert MUSC-SC Informatics
1406 Helena VonVille University of Texas School of Public Health Librarian
1407 Jim Henderson McGill University Health Sciences Librarian
1408 Christine Cowan Newcastle University Medical Library
1409 Cynthia A. Arnold Mid Coast Hospital Health Sciences Librarian
1410 Aileen Jencius, M.L.I.S. Robinson Medical Library Librarian
1411 Adelaide Fletcher Denver Medical Library Librarian
1412 Carol Jeuell Childrens's Memorial Hospital Pediatrics
1413 vigneras university of Paris 7, France mathematics
1414 Marie Ascher New York Medical College Librarian
1415 Alexander Nakeff, Ph.D. Henry Ford Health System Professor of Internal Medicine
1416 Jane Phasey CMMC University Hospital NHS Trust Library Assistant
1417 Zareena Mahomed Brighton and Sussex Medical School Medicine
1418 Michael Schmidt American University Government
1419 Jemima Harris Imperial College London Medicine
1420 Jen Lyons University of Wollongong Librarian
1421 Justine Roberts University of California, San Francisco medical librarian, emerita
1422 Michael Organ University of Wollongong Archivist
1423 Carol Woolley University of Wollongong Library Faculty Librarian
1424 Natalie Keene University of Wollongong Library
1425 Claire Collett University of Wollongong Library
1426 cheryl brindle-jones university of wollongong librarian
1427 Nadine Harwood University of Wollongong Librarian
1428 Anthony Rice University of Wollongong Librarianship
1429 Toni-Maree Southwell University of Wollongong Academic Learning
1430 Jelsi Dallas University of Wollongong Library
1431 Joy Fischer National Acoustic Laboratories Librarian
1432 John Krug Lancaster University Library (Systems)
1433 Maria Nicolina Papa Salerno University Hydraulic Engineering
1434 Imrana Ghumra NHS Knowledge Services
1435 Giusy Lofrano University of Salerno Environmental Engineering
1436 Domenico Maddaloni Università di Salerno, Italy Associate professor, Sociology
1437 Dr Ferhat Khwaja Chrisp Street Health Centre General Practice
1438 Alison Betts University of Wollongong Health & Behavioural Sciences
1439 Heather Coates Indiana University, School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry Health Informatics & Library Science
1440 Sharon Leslie Sauls Memorial Library, Piedmont Hospital Librarian
1441 Dr. Günter Wangerin Editor Elsevier
1442 Joanne Brown Wisconsin National Primate Research Center Librarian
1443 Shelley Yates United Hospital Fund of New York Health care
1444 Cornelia Penner McGill University Librarian
1445 Ibrahim Halil SIMSEK NGO Psychologyst
1446 David Sackett Former Chair of Clinical Epidemiology at Univ of Oxford Medical Research
1447 J. Scibelli Kent State University postgraduate student
1448 Antoni Trilla, MD, PhD, MSc Hospital Clinic - University of Barcelona Epidemiology and Public Health
1449 Simon Hatcher University of Auckland Psychological Medicine
1450 Susana Vasquez Lezcano Dirección General de Medicamentos - Ministerio de Salud Farmaceutica - Uso Racional de Medicamentos
1451 Elvira E. Garcia Alvarez Instituto Aragones de Ciencias de la Salud. Spain Evidence-Based Medicine
1452 Niaz Islam Moorfields Eye Hospital Ophthalmology
1453 Tomasina Stacey University of Auckland Midwifery
1454 Angie Colón Inter American University of PR Fajardo Librarian
1455 Jane Marjoribanks Auckland University Population Health
1456 Ada N. Mercado Interamericana Librarian
1457 Daniel Wellington Liggins Institute Pharmaceutics/Molecular Biology
1458 Thorin Jonsson University of Auckland Neuroscience
1459 Anthony O'Brien University of Auckland Nursing
1460 Michelle Gordon University of Auckland Pharmacy
1461 Darren Svirskis University of Auckland Pharmacy
1462 Annette Meldrum University of Wollongong librarian
1463 Denis Simonov The Liggins Institute, Auckland Cancer biology
1464 Madhukar Pai McGill University, Montreal, Canada Epidemiology
1465 Anne-Thea McGill Univeristy of Auckland, New Zealand General Practice and Primary Care
1466 Brian Martin University of Wollongong Social science
1467 cate madison auckland university nursing
1469 Eric Fretz Barnet Primary Care Trust Library Public Health
1470 Blanca Gutiérrez Teira Servicio Madrileño de salud Médico de familia
1471 Keith Halfacree Swansea University Geography
1472 Jeremy Anderson Queen Mary, University of London Geography
1473 Anthony Ince Queen Mary, University of London Geography
1474 Giovanni Spagnuolo University of Salerno Electrotechnics
1475 lei foster NHS mental health nurse
1476 Tristan Webb SOAS, Univ. of London Korean Studies
1477 Massoud Javadi, MD Baylor College of Medicine Internal Medicine
1478 Francisca Suau Universitat de Valencia Linguistics
1479 Inga Geipel Universität Göttingen Biology
1480 Theo Brandt Auckland University Psychology
1481 Jacob Powell University of Auckland Library - Medical & Health Sciences
1482 Faasisila Savila University of Auckland, New Zealand. Public Health.
1483 Ahmed F. Shaikh, M.D. Lawrence Memorial Hospital (US) Accident & Emergency Medicine
1484 David Mitchell University of Sydney Infectious Diseases
1485 Elena Hannig BSc Brighton and Sussex Medical School Undergraduate student
1486 Vicki Nunn Brighton & Sussex Medical School Undergraduate Medicine
1487 Jeannie Essex Brighton & Sussex Medical School Undergraduate medical student
1488 Jill Farrow BSMS Medicine
1489 Islean Kinghorn Brighton and Sussex medical school Medical student
1490 Tobias Short Brighton Sussex Medical School Student
1491 Anna Verheul BSMS Medicine
1492 John Clarke UCL Institute of Child Health Librarian
1493 Ma. Ángeles Alonso Lucas Universidad de Salamanca Biblioteconomía
1494 Yas Barzin Brighton & Sussex Medical School Medicine
1495 Rosa Mª Espinós Soldevila Sanofi Aventis Documentalist
1496 Jane McFarlane NHS Medical Librarianship
1497 Dr Simon Batterbury Univ. of Melbourne Geography / Envt. Studs.
1498 Trevor Whiteside Brighton and Sussex Medical School Medical student
1499 Margaret Bandy Exempla Saint Joseph Hospital Medical Librarian
1500 Elena Hunn University of Leeds Psychology
1502 crestani Paris 7 university-France Respiratory Medicine
1503 Robert Crowdy Leeds University Environmental Engineering
1504 Laura Harrison University of Leeds Ecology
1505 Peter Harrison University of York Bioinformatics
1506 Samson A. Williams University of Leeds Human Physiology
1507 Robert Neumark Jones Sheffield University Philosophy
1508 Miss R Alsop Sussex University Geography
1509 Claudine Gayle Barts and the London school of medicine and dentistry Medicine
1510 Sophie North The University of Leeds Medical Student
1511 Daphne Smithwhite Brighton and Sussex Medical School Medicine
1512 Nicola Edwards University of Leeds English
1513 Ian Weinfass University of Leeds Political Studies
1514 nanda van vliet leeds sustainability
1515 Dr Cecile Brich Leeds University Linguistics and Phonetics
1516 Dr Gordon McMullan King's College London English
1517 Shadi Bajelvand University of Westminster Development Studies and International Relations
1518 amy cox Leeds University French
1519 Adam Dickson Freelance Scientist
1520 Claire Baker-Munton Leeds University English and Philosophy
1521 Emma Rogan University of Leeds French
1522 Jonathan Ervine University of Leeds French
1523 Chloe Lyons University of Leeds Politics
1524 Senthil Seveelavanan Bristol University Engineering
1525 Dr. Jim House University of Leeds French Studies
1526 Joanna Santa Barbara McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada Psychciatry and Peace Studies
1527 Chunxia Yip University of Auckland Biomedical Science
1528 Name removed at signatory's request Oxford University Medicine
1529 Carla Dorab Leeds University Student
1530 Lucy Hurn Leeds University Development Studies
1531 Elizabeth Fellows Leeds Univerity Philosophy
1532 Stephen Halpin Leeds University Medicine
1533 Benjamin James Mathers University of Leeds International Development Studies
1534 Will Davies University of Leeds Sustainable Development MA
1535 Ellen Somerwill University of Leeds Biology
1536 Brendan Donegan School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, UK Medical Anthropology
1537 Sarah Smith University of Leeds Development Studies
1538 John Pearson London School of Economics International Relations
1539 Christine Cooper Leeds University East Asian Studies
1540 Andrew Pinto University of Toronto Medicine
1541 Leslie Lappalainen McMaster University Health Sciences
1542 Mischa Oliver Altmann Leeds University Engineering
1543 Edward Mills McMaster University Clinical Epidemiology & Biostatistics
1544 Richard Malham University of Leeds Biochemistry
1545 Georgina England University of Adelaide Medicine
1546 Marishka VS University of Leeds English Literature and History
1547 Katherine Murphy Leeds University Environmental Science
1548 rachael stokes voluntary sector human rights
1549 alison vernon leeds university student
1550 Howard Croft Retired Medical publisher
1551 Eleanor Hadshar University of Leeds Biology
1552 Sarah Hagues The University of Leeds Psychology and Sociology
1553 Chrystalleni Lazarou Harokopio Univeristy Public Health & Nutrition
1554 Mitchell Maltenfort Thomas Jefferson University Research Associate, Neurological Surgery
1555 Jan Visser Learning Development Institute Cognitive Science
1556 Mark van Passel University of Arizona Life Sciences
1557 Errol S. Prasad University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Medical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases
1558 Ryan Whitford VIB\Ghent University Molecular Biology
1559 Luca Gusella Mount Sinai Schoolof Medicine Molecular Genetics
1560 Carol Terry Consulting Librarian
1561 Mark W Robinson Peninsula Medical School BM BS
1562 Lya Visser Learniing Development Institute Educational Science and Technology
1563 LVisser Learning Development Institute Educational Science
1564 Stacia B. Moffett Washington State University Neurophysiology
1565 Marc Giry-Laterriere University medical center of Geneva-Neurosciences Cell Engineering
1566 Kevin Vogel University of Arizona Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
1567 Russell DiNapoli Universidad de Valencia Applied Linguistics
1568 Christina Windsor Andrews State University of São Paulo, Brazil Public Administration
1569 Vicky Algarra Unversidad Polit'ecnica de Valencia Applied Linguistics
1570 Pilar Bonet Universidad de Valencia English for Specific Purposes
1571 David Schaich Boston University Physics
1572 Yusra Visser Florida Atlantic University Education
1573 Amel Alfulaij Brighton and Sussex Medical School Medicine
1574 Dr Richard McCurdy University of Toronto Developmental Neurobiology
1575 Keith Millington CSIRO Chemistry
1576 Moshe Y. Vardi Rice University Computer Science
1577 Morten Kristensen New York Medical College Neuroscience
1578 Shona Osborne University of Queensland Neurobiology
1579 Peter Campbell CSIRO Biochemistry
1580 Andrew Bendrups La Trobe University Neuroscience
1581 Lidia Pigot CSIRO Marine
1582 Graeme Puxty CSIRO, Australia Chemistry
1583 Rhys Bushell CSIRO Human Nutrition
1584 Karina Aprico La Trobe University Pharmacology
1585 Peter Osman Wollongong University Engish Language Education
1586 Marcel Maeder University of Newcastle, Australia Chemistry
1587 Sherry Mayo CSIRO Physics
1588 Beth Crossman La Trobe University, Melbourne Human Biosciences
1589 Lee Thompson University of Canterbury Geography
1590 Paul Harris Australian National University International Relations
1591 Dr Bradford Sherman CSIRO Land and Water Environmental Fluid Dynamics
1592 Terry Turney Victoria University Chemistry
1593 Stuart Ralph University of Melbourne Biology
1594 Owen Evans La Trobe University Ergonomics
1595 Dr Richard C.A. SAINSON UNiversity of Oxford Cancer Research
1596 Peter Heiduschka University of Tübingen Ophthalmology/Neuroscience
1597 Rogier van Doorn Academic Medical Center, Amsterdam, The Netherlands Medical Microbiology
1598 Marc Peschanski INSERM France biology
1599 Dr Amy McCart Queen Mary, University of London Cancer Research
1600 Tim Hucho Max Planck Institute for molecular Genetics Neuroscience
1601 Alberto Pasquini ENEA Engineering
1602 Dr Hugh Tuffen Lancaster University Earth Sciences
1603 Dr. lesley ogilvie rothamsted research molecular ecology
1604 a. volgenant university of amsterdam, faculty of economics operations research
1605 Gerhard Krumschnabel University of Innsbruck Zoology
1606 Alexander Mikhailov University of La Coruna Molecular Biology
1607 Willem H. Koppenol Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Chemistry
1608 Michael D. Coleman, D.Sc. Aston University Reader in Toxicology
1609 Stephan Hobe University of Mainz, Germany Biology
1610 Lucy Gilliam Rothamsted Microbial ecology
1611 John Mohan University of Southampton Social Sciences
1612 Eric Scarfone CNRS Neurobiology
1613 Paul Glynn MRC Toxicology Unit, University of Leicester molecular biology
1614 Bo Jonsson Karolinska Institutet Clinical Neuroscience
1615 John Powell Royal Society of Medicine Librarian
1616 Sabine Eggers Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil Human Biology
1617 Wen Shi University of Oxford Medical Oncology
1618 Aaron D. Mann Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile Ecology
1619 Daniel Osherson Princeton University Psychology
1620 Frits Vaandrager Radboud University Nijmegen Computer Science
1621 Patrick Carroll INSERM France Developmental Biology
1622 María Paz Oyarzún Universidad de La Frontera Biology
1623 Genevieve Bart University of Kuopio Biology
1624 Dr. Daria Martynova Zoological Institute RAS Marine Ecology
1625 Dr. Seema Grewal University of Oxford Biochemistry
1626 Alla Bolotova Center for independent social research Sociology
1627 Rachel Newman University of Oxford Biochemistry
1628 Anna Swales University of Oxford Embryology
1629 Helge Grosshans FMI Biology
1630 Tom Siddons Leeds Uni JHML
1631 Carmen Martinez Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha SPAIN Biochemistry
1632 Noud Schel Academic Medical Center, Amsterdam Medical Microbiology
1633 Jean-Yves Nedelec University Paris 12 Chemistry
1634 Jan Cross NHS London Clinical Chemistry
1635 Paul Schiller University of Miami School of Medicine Molecular and Cell Biology
1636 Richard Newcomb MD Methodist Hospitals Pediatric Allergy
1637 Barbara S. Reed, Ph.D. Rutgers University journalism and media studies
1638 Dr Cecily V Bishop Oregon Health and Science University Postdoctoral Researcher
1639 Dr Jonathan Punt No 5 Chambers Barrister
1640 Gwen Pearson Michigan State University Entomology
1641 Monica Beneyto University of Pittsburgh Psychiatry
1642 Elizabeth Stankevich Medarex Clinical Research
1643 Hannie Windemuller private practice, Netherlands psychologist-psychotherapist
1644 Guy Chan University of Washington Pharmacology
1645 Brian C. Lee, PhD DABT Good Afternoon Toxicology Consulting, LLC Toxicology - consumer products
1646 Michel Rabinovitch, M.D. Escola Paulista de Medicina, UNIFESP Parasitology
1647 Chris Smillie University of Arizona Life Sciences
1648 José Antonio González-Posada Delgado Instituto Madrileño de ls Salud Family Doctor
1649 Lawrence J. Blus U.S. Gov't--Retired Wildlife Biologist--ecotoxicology
1650 Nick Franich The University of Auckland Molecular Medicine
1651 Sarah Borrie The University of Auckland Neuroscience
1652 Stephen Yip MGH Neuropathology
1653 Warwick Murray Victoria University of Wellington Geography and Development Studies
1654 Dr. Kailash C Gupta D.V.M., Ph.D. Retired, US CPSC Veterinary Medicine
1655 ir. Leo E.J. Callens promotion 1971 University of Ghent Engineering
1656 Edward Challies Victoria University of Wellington Geography
1657 elizabeth brown la trobe university physiology
1658 Steve Barnes CSIRO Geology
1659 Andre Jellema Wageningen University Ecology
1660 Randolph B Caldwell GSF – National Research Center for Environment and Health, GmbH Biotechnology
1661 Nazanin Bajolvand NCH Manager
1662 Dorothea Kleine University of Cambridge Geography
1663 Hubertus Hochrein Immunology Research Immunology
1664 Adam Funk University of Sheffield Computer Science
1665 Danai Bücher Bernales Universidad Austral de Chile Reproducción Animal
1666 Mark C. Rosenzweig American Library Association, Councilor at large (for ID only) librarian
1667 Alison Parker University of Leeds Earth Science
1668 Samuel Trosow University of Western Ontario Law
1669 Isabel Espinal University of Massachusetts Amherst Librarian
1670 Jeff Wheeler Drexel University Health Sciences Libraries Library Clerk / Library Science Student
1671 Karl W Broman Johns Hopkins University Biostatistics
1672 Caroline Nappo Alternative Press Center Librarian
1673 Michelle Torrise University of Illinois at Champaign Urbana Library and Information Science
1674 Thomas Eland Minneapolis Community & Technical College Library & Information Studies
1675 Andrew Broman Johns Hopkins University managing editor of medical journal
1676 Lindsey Gilroy University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Library and Information Science
1677 Maria Jesus Morillo Biblioteca Nacional Librarian
1678 Y Taylor University Of Illinois, Urabana - Champaign Library Information Science
1679 Ferry Hagen CBS Fungal Biodiversity Centre Molecular Biology
1680 Jon Anjer Oslo University College Library and Information Science
1681 Donna Maemori University of Hawaii Library and Information Science
1682 Erin Moore University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Library and Information Science
1683 Cody Hennesy California College of the Arts Library and Information Science
1684 Barbara J Limandri Linfield College School of Nursing Nursing
1685 Gregory Howard Boston University School of Public Health Environmental Health
1686 Benjamin Ernst University of South Florida Business
1687 Dr. Teresa Roberts University of Massachusetts Nursing
1688 Gerald Short University of Saint Francis Biology
1689 Jan Vijg Buck Institute for Age Research Molecular Genetics
1690 Peggy Wros Linfield College Nursing
1691 Pål Magnus Lykkja University Library of Oslo Academic librarian
1692 Jonathan H. Harwell University of Alabama at Birmingham Librarian
1693 Paul Goulet McGill University Chemistry
1694 Richard Potter University of Illinois Communications Research
1695 Poliana Irizarry Temple University Libraries
1696 David Oldenkamp Indiana University Bloomington Librarian
1697 Torie Quinonez University of California, San Diego librarian
1698 John Elduff Nature Clinical Medicine
1699 Mary Krones University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign library science
1700 Lena Singer University of Illinois graduate student of Library and Inforrmation Science
1701 aly rashid countesthorpe health centre GP
1702 Lia Friedman University of California, San Diego Librarian
1703 Kris Jorgensen Fresno County Library Librarian
1704 Charlie Potter University of Montana Librarian
1705 Gordon Keith CSIRO Marine
1706 Eric M Roberts, MD PhD Public Health Institute Public Health
1707 Vani Natarajan University of Pittsburgh Librarian
1708 Toni Cannard CSIRO & University of Queensland Marine research
1709 Ian Smith CSIRO earth sciences
1710 James Risbey CSIRO Earth Sciences
1711 Ricardo Aroca University of Windsor Chemistry
1712 Paula Clark University of Toronto Information Studies
1713 Monika Antonelli MSU, Mankato Librarian
1714 Joy Erickson University of California Women and Gender Studies
1715 Verónica Ponce-Castañeda Hospital de Pediatría CMN SXXI Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social Cell and molecular biology of cancer
1716 Adam Feldman Philadelphia FIGHT - AIDS Library Librarianship
1717 Kari Normo The University of Bergen Library and information science
1718 Liv Samuelsberg Stord/Haugesund University College Library librarian
1719 Gayle Davies Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (NSW) Librarianship; Criminal law and criminology; Peace Studies
1720 Iren Riksheim Østvik Foerde Hospital Trust Librarian
1721 Robin du Maine Academic Medical Center, Amsterdam, The Netherlands Medical Microbiology
1722 Mariann Lund Ullevaal Universitetssykehus Library
1723 Monica Kristin Hansen University of Tromsø Archaeology
1724 Anette Kure Oestfold University College (Norway) LIbrarian
1725 Einar Eythórsson University of Tromsø Social science
1726 Kjetil Aune Norwegian Institute of Fisheries and Aquaculture Research Librarian
1727 Odile Wallerath Tromsø Museum - University Museum Geology
1728 Anita Svedal Sogn og Fjordane University College Librarian
1729 Leif Longva University of Tromsø Librarian
1730 Kristine Bakke Westergaard University of Tromsø, Norway Botany
1731 Reidar Bjorvatn Volda public library Librarian
1732 Jan Henriksen University of Tromsø, Norway Political science
1733 Ingela Wahlgren Lund University, Sweden Librarian
1734 Eric Hellman Gothenburg city library History of ideas and science
1735 Henrik Bylund Uppsala university Library & Informationscience
1736 Marianne Dalemar Gothenburg University Librarian
1737 Lars Nordesjö Kungl. biblioteket, National Library of Sweden Librarian
1738 Ingalill Halvarsson Uppsala university library Librarian
1739 Lilia Ortiz The Swedish National Archive of Recorded Sound and Moving Images Library and Information Science
1740 Jonas Aghed school library librarian
1741 mats hagstrom GIH, Stockholm Sweden Chief librarian
1742 Magnus Johnsson University College of Borås Library and Information Science
1743 Akiko Nakagaki Biblioteks- och informationscentrum CLV / Sweden Librarian
1744 Sonja Brage Lund university library, Sweden librarian
1745 Tore Buarøy Østfold University College, Norway Librarian
1746 Anders Löwenborg NA NA
1747 Wenda Jones Rodengymnasiet Library
1748 Anna Brynolf Malmö University Librarian
1749 Przemyslaw Nuc Adam Mickiewicz University Molecular Biology
1750 Kjell Erik Johnsen University College of Østfold (Norway) Librarian
1751 Gunnie Boman SIPRI Librarian
1752 Ingvar Gottfridsson Ystad City Library Librarian
1753 Annika Jonsson Nösnäsgymnasiet Librarian
1754 TORGNY SJÖGREN TPB - Swedish Library of Talking Books and Braille Librarian
1755 Jakob Nylin University College of Borås Library and Information Science
1756 Jan Szczepanski Göteborgs universitetsbibliotek Librarian
1757 Ulf Larson Byttorps bibliotek librarian
1758 Peter Gunther Prefer not to say Archivist
1759 Scott Weinstein University of Pennsylvania Philosophy
1760 Professor Hamish Cunningham University of Sheffield Computer Science
1761 Sofie Albinsson Karolinska Instiutet Library and Information Science
1762 Nicole Wilhelms University of Illinois Library and Information Science
1763 Christina Larsson Medical Library of Nykoping Sweden Librarian
1764 Lori Tschirhart University of Washington Information Science
1765 Linda Blake West Virginia University Librarian
1766 Kornelia Polyak Dana-Farber Cancer Institute medicine
1767 Lucille Cronin Cambrian College of Applied Arts and Technology Library
1768 Chris Druid KTH technology
1769 Brittany Bennett Anonymous Library & Information Science
1770 Christof Winter Dresden University of Technology Bioinformatics
1771 Christiane Fellbaum Princeton University Psychology
1772 Leslie Brown Howard University Library
1773 Miguel Ramos WWU Librarian
1774 Elliott Lieb Princeton University Mathematics/Physics
1775 Heather Klusaritz University of Pennsylvania Social Welfare
1776 Sharmistha M. Cornell Univ. Molecular Medicine
1777 Min Hu Dana Farber Cancer Institute medicine
1778 Jacqui Brown Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, NSW Solicitor
1779 Peter Davies Retired Economist
1780 Duncan Wallace Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (NSW, Australia) Law / Philosophy
1781 Siobhan Mullany Legal Aid Commission of New South Wales Lawyer
1782 Hugo Esteves NHS Lisbon, Portugal Medicine / Public Health
1783 Nicholas Russell University of Adelaide Medicine
1784 Tove Aursøy NTNU, Norway Librarian
1785 Marlene Nagelsmeier-Linke Dortmund University Library, Germany Librarian
1786 Samuel Bottani University Denis Diderot, Paris Physics
1787 Oyvind Aas-Hansen Norwegian Institute of Fisheries and Aquaculture Research Aquaculture
1788 Christina Brautaset Waage Bergen University College, Norway Librarian
1789 James Chiriyankandath London Metropolitan University Politics and international relations
1790 Tanja Donner University of Gävle Librarian
1791 Torunn Boger Østfold University College Librarian
1792 Henry Langseth Agder University College Business librarian
1793 Jorge Dukelsky CSIC. SPAIN. Physics
1794 Dr. Georg von Hippel University of Regina Physics
1795 Sumati Surya Scientist Physics
1796 Stuart Booth Book Publishing Services Bokk Publishing - vis-à-vis the London Book Fair
1797 Agnes Prins University of Amsterdam Medicine
1798 Jyrki Tuomainen University College London Human Communication Science
1799 Daniel del Solar Harvard University Communications
1800 James Slater Shout Editor
1801 joanne cohn uc berkeley cosmology
1802 Megan Kell University of Sheffield Medicine
1803 Dr Michael Wilks Forensic Physician, London Forensic Medicine
1804 Talac Mahmud Firstcare Practice GP
1805 Rafael Sorkin Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics and Syracuse University Physics
1806 Lindy Coyle UTS Sydney Criminal Law
1807 Garsia Adriano University of California San Diego Mathematics
1808 Ted Jacobson University of Maryland Physics
1809 Dr. Irene Martins IMAR - University of Coimbra, Portugal Ecology
1810 Karina Sjogren Umea University Medical Library Information Science
1811 Dr Ruth M Williams University of Cambridge Theoretical Physics
1812 Katarina Franzén Munkhammar Uppsala university library Librarian
1813 Bernt Håkansson Linköping University Library Librarian
1814 Elissa Thomas self librarianship
1815 Dr Fay Dowker Imperial College, London, UK Physics
1816 Sandra Hoenle University of Calgary Humanities
1817 Dr. Nina Hrycak University of Calgary Nursing
1818 Maggie McVay Lynch Oregon Health & Sciences University Nursing Education
1819 Neill Adhikari University of Toronto Intensive Care Medicine
1820 Henderikus J. Stam, PhD University of Calgary Psychology
1821 Dr John Grandfield CSIRO Australia Metallurgy
1822 Senthooran Rajamanoharan University of Cambridge Theoretical Physics
1823 Rui F. Lima Matos University of Cambridge Theoretical Physics
1824 Matilde Teixeira Dias Castanheira Universidade de Coimbra Physics
1825 Corinne Appia-Ayme IFR Norwich Molecular Microbiology
1826 Maureen G. Wilson University of Calgary Social Work
1827 aamir University of Calgary International Development
1828 Raina Bloom University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee SOIS Reference Librarian
1829 Rosemary Del Toro Marquette University Life Sciences
1830 Julie O'Keeffe Marquette University Librarian
1831 Katherine Marvel University of Cambridge Physics
1832 Per Carleheden University Library, Lund University, Sweden Humanities
1833 Mitchell T. Rabkin, M.D. Harvard Medical School Internal Medicine
1834 Issar Smith University of Medicine and dentistry of new Jersey microbiology (TB research)
1835 Dona Miller UMDNJ Public Health
1836 Dr. Jean engohang-Ndong University of Dentistry and Medicine of New Jersey/PHRI Medical Microbiology
1837 Syed Ibrahim UMDNJ Post Doc
1838 Chandler Davis University of Toronto Mathematics
1839 Hiyam El-Hajj University of Medicine and Dentistry New Jersey Molecular Genetics and Technology
1840 Ann Dershowitz UMDNJ Molecular Genetics
1841 Ross Street Macquarie University Mathematics
1842 Ellen Elster War Resisters International Social Worker
1843 Chetna Kohli UCL Medical Student
1844 Dr. Jennie Traschen UMASS Amherst MA USA Professor of Physics
1845 guillaume rond university Toulouse 3 mathematics
1846 Micol Lagarde Rodriguez Centro Nacional de Biotecnologia (Madrid, Spain) Librarian
1847 Milagros Rodríguez Bueno Centro de Investigaciones Biológicas (CSIC) Librarian
1848 Varvara Trachana National Centre of Biotechnology/CSIC Spain Molecular/Cellular Biology
1849 David P. Miller Curry College Librarian
1850 Robert S Marin University of Pittsburgh Medica Center Psychiatry
1851 Joseph R. Barrie, M. D. Emerson Hospital, Concord, MA retired general surgeon
1852 Wendy Mitchell M.D. Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California Pediatric Neurology
1853 Ian Miller Miami Children's Hospital Child Neurology
1854 Professor Jerome Gauntlett Imperial College Theoretical Physics
1855 Isabelle Rapin, M.D. Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx NY USA Child Neurology
1856 Stephen deputy Louisiana State University Child Neurology
1857 William Braunlin, Ph. D., Chief Scientific Officer Rational Affinity Devices LLC Molecular Biophysics, Biotechnology
1858 Ann Beer McGill University Education
1859 R. P. Grant University of Sydney Biochemistry
1860 Itay Greenspan University of Pennsylvania Social policy
1861 Dr Evangelia Alifieri PHS Athens Developmental Paediatrics
1862 Charles B. Brill, MD du Pont Hospital for Children Pediatric Neurology
1863 Sheena Vachhani Swansea University Organisation Theory
1864 Achilleas ANastasopoulos University of Michigan Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
1865 Pam Rees State Library of Iowa Medicine
1866 Konstantina Soureli UCLA Urban Planning
1867 Pandelis Perakakis University of Granada Psychology
1868 Dimitra Chalkia Penn State University Molecular Evolution
1869 Guenter Ollenschlaeger German Journal for Evidence and Quality in Healthcare Healthcare
1870 Stephen Hockema University of Toronto Information Studies
1871 Ilan Alleson University of Toronto Public Health
1872 Prof Martin Cormican National University of Ireland Galway, Ireland Medical Microbiology
1873 Maximo Carlton Deandre
1874 Tomas Lindqvist Skelleftea Stadsbibliotekl Librarian
1875 James Lewis University of Oxford Oriental Studies/History
1876 Bob Coecke Oxford University physics/maths/CS
1877 Michael Kinyon University of Denver Mathematics
1878 Gary Dewayne Pete
1879 Björn Brembs Freie Universität Berlin Neuroscience
1881 Stephen Francoeur Baruch College Library
1882 Lindy Cuerden Conestoga College Technologies and Computer Sciences
1883 Jan Sauer Univ. of South Alabama Library
1884 Michael Taylor Instituto Estructura de la Materia, CSIC, Spain Theoretical Physics
1885 David McCoy University College London public health
1886 Dr Heather Wrigley University of Calgary Family Medicine (Resident)
1887 Nima Raghunathan University of Maryland Conservation Biology and Sustainable Development
1888 Lyle Ford University of Manitoba Librarian
1889 Dana Coelho University of Maryland Graduate student
1890 Peter A Meredith University of Glasgow Clinical Pharmacology
1891 Ken Jones Keele University Education
1892 Dr Brian Doherty Keele University Politics
1893 emma cooper keele university maths and chemistry
1894 Ana Rodrigues University of Cambridge Ecology
1895 hugo alvarez alvarez secretaria de salud de guanajuto pediatra
1896 Peter A. Thompson Unitec Institute of Technology Political Economy
1897 Paola Murgas Alcaíno Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile Bioquimico
1898 Anna Creech Central Washington University Library Science
1899 Ignacio Magaloni Northwest Vista College English
1900 Dr Claire E Morton HM Stanley Eye Unit, Clwyd Ophthalmic Surgery
1901 Anselm Levskaya University of California - San Francisco Biophysics
1902 Montse4 Gregoriano Planas i Casals Scool P.E. - Wellnes
1903 Montse Gregoriano Catalan Public School P.E. - Wellnes
1904 Ben Phalan University of Cambridge Conservation Science
1905 Craig Woolf Northumbria University undergrad, environmental management
1906 Dr. Don Carlosmiguel Francisco Estevan University of Toronto, Universidad de Madrid, McGill University Nuclear Environmental Engineering & Medicine
1907 Jason Holdcroft University of Nottingham Medicine
1908 Iain Wilson Guys and St Thomas' Trust/Kings College London Nursing student
1909 Erica Young The Ohio State University Comparative Ethnic and American Studies
1910 Dr Gwynedd Pickett Greater Manchester Neurosciences Centre, UK Neurosurgery
1911 Andrea Grottoli Ohio State University Marine Science
1912 Richard Parker Walsall Hosptials Health Care
1913 Dr. Edwin E. Daniel University of Alberta Pharmacology
1914 Professor John Stephenson University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK Paediatric Neurology
1915 Nikola Castillo Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne Chemistry

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