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Reed Elsevier finally gets out of arms fair business

Guardian news 30/5/08: Reed Elsevier has finally stopped organising arms trade fairs – five months later than it promised shareholders and staff….Yesterday the company said it had sold the DSEi, ITEC and LAAD defence exhibitions to Britain’s largest independent exhibitions group, Clarion Events, for an undisclosed sum…”The events we have acquired in the defence-and-security sector […]

Elsevier chair on activist shareholders

Dutch institutional investors and company executives are pressing for more rules to govern activist shareholders, news agency Reuters reports.… ‘We have all seen that investors with a short term horizon and a strategy of shareholder activism try to make life miserable for companies,’ Jan Hommen, chairman of publishing group Reed Elsevier, was quoted as saying. […]

Reed pressed to sell arms fair business

Reed Elsevier, the publisher and exhibitions group, will be challenged tomorrow by Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT) at its annual general meeting over its failure to sell its controversial defence exhibitions business….However, sources insisted that a sale was a matter of weeks away, with private equity-owned Clarion Events, the organiser of The Baby Show and […]

Reed fails to sell arms fairs

Times Online december 30th 2007: THE professional publisher Reed Elsevier has failed to sell off its controversial arms fairs by the end of this year as planned. The tiny but highly profitable division was put up for sale in June after key customers and authors took offence at Reed’s involvement in shows such as DSEi […]

DSEi 2007

This tit-bit from the Observer on sunday n June, Reed agreed to sell the business. DSEI generates around £25m for the publishing giant and is thought to be worth double that. Four organisations have expressed strong interest in the business, though neither their identities nor nationalities are known. DSEi starts tomorrow (tuesday)

What just happened?

Elsevier quit organising defense exhibitions, that much is sure. But was it due to boycott (ScienceBlogs) or shareholder revolt (The Independent)? As far as I was aware, neither of those factors was involved directly, but how can I be sure? Symon Hill gives his low-down on it at the Guardian Comment Is Free blog.

Reed Elsevier to exit the defence exhibitions sector

“Reed Elsevier announced today that it is to exit the defence exhibitions sector. This portfolio of five shows is part of Reed Elsevier’s global Business division and represents around 0.5% of group annual turnover. ” aka. We won! Update Reed press release Reed Elsevier CEO Crispin Davis: “Our defence shows are quality businesses which […]

An open letter to Elsevier and all those involved in the IEHG

An open letter to Elsevier and all those involved in the IEHG from geographer Keith Halfacree, 10 April 2007: I am respectfully informing you of my decision to follow my fellow human geography academics at Newcastle University and elsewhere and am suspending work on my three contributions to Elsevier’s International Encyclopaedia of Human Geography. This […]

Reed Elsevier’s AGM

Reed Elsevier’s AGM in London on Tuesday was dominated by questions over their involvement in the international arms and torture trade. The protest outside the AGM and questions within were accompanied by newspaper reports of the discovery of the promotion of landmine sales at one recent Reed Elsevier arms fair, and reports that delegates from […]

Reed Expo’s upcoming trade fairs

Reed Elsevier are mostly a publishing company, but they also own Reed Exhibitions. Reed Exhibitions put on trade fairs and the like, including arms fairs around the world where the rampantly uncontrolled arms industry arranges to sell guns, bombs, torture equipment and delivery vehicles to those who will use them on people around the world […]

medical community comdemns Elsevier in Lancet letters

In 3 pages of letters in today’s Lancet the medical community slammed Elsevier for its involvement in the arms and torture industry. Letters from the Royal College of Physicians, the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Doctors for Human Rights, People’s Health Movement, Medsin, Doctors for Iraq said that there is a basic contradiction […]

British Medical Journal Calls for Action Against Reed Elsevier

In an editorial from the 17 march, ‘Scientific communities must work together to prevent the sale of arms’: The scientific and health communities with which Reed Elsevier is linked in a symbiotic relationship have a clear opportunity to exert their influence. As a group, these communities have the power to influence corporate strategy. They must […]

Debate on Elsevier in pages of BMJ

British medical journal has an extended debate on the ethics of Reed Elsevier’s involvement in the arms trade,

Elsevier petition passes 1000 signatures!

Over 1000 people have now signed the petition asking Reed Elsevier and subsidaries to stop organising arms fairs! Hurrah! I don’t know where the sudden surge in activity has come from (over 100 in the last two days), but well done to all those who are passing the message on. Update: Suddenly the reason for […]

Open letter published

Our open letter (full text, including list of signatories) has been published in the Times Higher Education Supplement. You can see exactly what it looked like here. In other news, the online petition – which is still open – is getting closer to 1000 signatories. Noam Chomsky (petition signatory 870) recently joined the international list […]

Lancet publishers condemned over promotion of arms

Reed Elsevier, the publisher of The Lancet, has today been condemned by a former editor of the British Medical Journal for its involvement in the promotion of arms sales. Writing in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, Richard Smith urges scientists and academics to publish their research and findings elsewhere. Full story here […]

big publishers to attack open access publishing

From PR

Reed Elsevier arms trade petition is now live: “Reed Elsevier is a publishing company with an arms trade problem. While the bulk of their business is in scientific, medical and educational publishing, they also organise arms fairs around the world. The aim of this website is to mobilise the academic community that writes and reads Reed Elsevier’s journals to […]

authors attack Reed Elsevier over arms fairs

BBC News story: Authors make book fair protest Authors including Will Self and Ian McEwan have protested against the organisers of the London Book Fair being involved in the arms trade. In a letter published in The Times Literary Supplement, the writers called for Reed Exhibitions to stop holding arms fairs around the world. … […]


1. Australian Librarians organising against Reed Elsevier’s involvement in the arms trade 2. I’ve created a new category on this blog for Elsevier stuff: here 3. Text of CAAT’s letter to the lancet (with hyperlinks) 4. Press release about the same

What next for Elsevier?

DSEi finishes today. We’ve had some successes in the campaign to get it stopped. I’m still thinking about the Elsevier angle, and what the next step is for academics who’d like Elsevier to stop involving them in the arms trade (thanks everyone who provided feedback on this, here, at CT, and in person). I think […]

DSEi round up

The Lancet letter, and the accompanying editorial (my post about this, full text, on indymedia) got good coverage: The New York Times, Today programme, ABC (Aus), Ottawa Sun (Ca), Pravda (Ru), The Australian, The Daily Telegraph, The Sunday Times, The Independent, BBC News Online, The Statesman, The Times, Vancouver Sun, Associated Press Newswires and The […]

Elsevier and The Lancet

In the latest edition of the Lancet an editorial calls for their publisher, Reed Elsevier, to cut its ties with the arms trade. There’s a letter in the same issue (signed by me amongst others) saying the same thing, and a response letter from Elsevier. They say what they’ve said to me previously, although they […]

Academics and Elsevier

I’ve been corresponding with the publishers Reed Elsevier about their involvement in the arms trade. Reed Elsevier is an academic publisher, which also has a subsidary company, Spearhead Exhibitions, which hosts DSEi – the world’s largest arms fair. You can see what I’ve written to Reed Elsevier, and what they’ve written back, elsewhere on this […]

Elsevier’s response (2)

Elsevier got back to me about my response to their response to my letter. The PDF is here .

a response to Elsevier

Stephen J. Cowden General Council & Company Secretary Reed Elsevier 1-3 Strand London, WC2N 5JR 21 July 2005 Dear Mr Cowden Thanks for your reply (12 July) to my letter of 29th of June. I asked three questions in my letter: Will Elsevier stop helping to organise arms fairs, specifically DSEi (next scheduled for September […]

Reply from Elsevier

I wrote to Elsevier to ask them about their involvement with the arms trade. Their response is below (and as PDF here, 600 KB). They only answered the first of my three questions (with a ‘no’). Frankly, just because something is legal doesn’t make it legitimate and anyway I find hard to believe that adequate […]

An open letter to Jan Hommen

Tom Stafford Department of Psychology, University of Sheffield, Western Bank, Sheffield S10 2TP Jan Hommen, Chairman, Reed Elsevier, Reed Elsevier PLC, 1-3 Strand, London WC2N 5JR Dear Mr Hommen I was disappointed to discover that your company, through the subsidiary Spearhead Exhibitions, organises arms fairs. As an academic my familiarity with Elsevier comes from the […]