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Two new blogs now enrich the blogosphere (warning: personal bias forthcoming)

To mark the start of his PhD, Dan is now blogging at about the science of self-organisation/’spontaneous order’ and how it affects political philosophy, and about markets and freedom. And about the war on terror and the state of the world. Read his introductory post to see where he’s coming from.

Sarah Eldridge, is now blogging as part of her work with ICAR (The Information Centre about Asylum and Refugees in the UK). ICAR “is an independent information and research organisation’ based at City University which aims ‘to increase public understanding of asylum issues in the UK, and inform policy and practice through applied research and policy evaluation.’ The blog comments on how asylum issues are handled in the media.


Quote #154

I have a rendezvous with Death
At some disputed barricade,
At midnight in some flaming town,

Alan Seeger


Save the Cemetery Chapel

[local news warning]

The conspiracy of planners and property developers to turn the whole world into yuppie flats for contemporary urban living ™ reaches the Sheffield General Cemetery – they want to convert the anglican chapel, fencing off the top entrance to the cemetery and enclosing the surrounding land in the process.

Petition here:

Look out for a benefit gig in the cemetery grounds on the 9th of July….


my wikipedia contrail

My wikipedia contail (after Matt Webb) – those autocomplete options when I type “” into my browser


One occasion where advertisers did not exert editorial control

In the 1970s Philip Knightly and the Sunday Times Insight team were pursuing the story of how thalidomide, which caused severe birth defects, was marketed as morning-sickness pill.

…the Sunday Times advertising manager, Donald Barrett had warned [Sunday Times editor] Harold Evans that Distillers [who had marketed thalidomide in the UK] was the paper’s single largest advertiser, spending £600,000 a year. Then he added, ‘I know that won’t stop you and it shouldn’t.’ Immediately the Sunday Times began its campaign, Distillers cancelled all its advertising….

Quoted from A Hack’s Progress by Philip Knightley, excerpted in Tell me no lies: Investigative Journalism and its triumphs, edited by John Pilger.


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