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Reed Elsevier's main business is academic and medical publishing, but, through a subsidiary company, they help run international arms fairs. These include DSEi, one of the world's largest arms fairs. Reed Elsevier don't see any contradiction between facilitating the sale of arms and either their medical publishing or the corporate social responsibility commitments they've made. We do.

BREAKING NEWS 1st of June: We won! Reed Elseviers bows to pressure and decides to quit organising arms fairs. Thanks to all who signed the petition

If you would like more information about Reed Elsevier and the arms trade, click here.

If through your work you are involved in Reed Elsevier's business - as a health professional, University lecturer, researcher or postgraduate student - please consider signing the petition below so that Reed Elsevier know that the academic & medical communities disapprove of their supporting the arms trade.

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We, the undersigned, request that Reed Elsevier and their subsidaries stop organising arms fairs.

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The academic and medical publisher Reed Elsevier is involved in organising international arms fairs.
More information and a petition here: http://www.idiolect.org.uk/elsevier/petition.php

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