• Has anyone a ref for that study about republicans vs demoncrats on judgements of material fact? Ie party affiliation affects what u believe #
  • Tomorrow: Talking on how the Internet affects attention at 2cv.co.uk Now: grudgingly removing reference to the Panopticon from presentation #
  • Yes, Bentham's prison and Foucault's metaphor for society. I was convinced it was relevant at some point, but can't remember how now 😉 #
  • "Our brain has astounding navigation capabilties, and libraries of books harness our brain’s natural capabilities" http://is.gd/oDaLI8 #
  • Funded study at the University of Bremen at UG, Masters and PhD level http://is.gd/obU74A #
  • FoE report: The Role of Psychology in Environmental Campaigning and Activism http://is.gd/IkAzIr #

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