• I am reviewing every cognitive psychology textbook in my office. Most of them are unreadable http://t.co/kyUqXRt #
  • Not unreadable, because it focuses on debated issues: Mason's "taking sides" http://t.co/IqkdFdy #
  • Funny and clever, with each chapter title a question: Willingham's "Cognition: the thinking animal" http://t.co/5kRAdqu #
  • Nice because it is just a collection of original papers : Levitin's "Foundations of Cognitive Psychology: Core readings" http://t.co/JTmzdaw #
  • Enjoyable because of David Shanks' disruptive review chapter on memory: "Cognitive Science an introduction" http://t.co/FbFT8G2 #
  • That was exhausting. Now I can put those books back to some truly useful purpose http://t.co/TS48z7S #
  • Sheffield Uni research RT @occdigest Drinking habits of freelance musicians are a response to job demands: bit.ly/g9mbov #

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