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It is with regret…

Dear Correspondent I regret to say that I have been unable to deliver your electronic mail to Mr Stafford. My employer has left with me strict instructions to run certain automated checks on the spelling, grammar and vulgarity of unsolicited messages, and I’m afraid it is due to the result of these checks that I […]

Reed Elsevier finally gets out of arms fair business

Guardian news 30/5/08: Reed Elsevier has finally stopped organising arms trade fairs – five months later than it promised shareholders and staff….Yesterday the company said it had sold the DSEi, ITEC and LAAD defence exhibitions to Britain’s largest independent exhibitions group, Clarion Events, for an undisclosed sum…”The events we have acquired in the defence-and-security sector […]

links for may 08

‘A legal bid to challenge the power of the police to use surveillance against peaceful protesters has been launched at the High Court. ‘ (update: failed) It’s like waking from a dream, or a light going on, or a giant “YOU ARE HERE” sign appearing in the sky. The mere fact that I’m actually real […]

Don’t belive the neurohype (excerpt)

Vaughan is so spot on over at that I’m going to excerpt him here: For example, an experiment might find that fear is associated with amygdala activation. But it’s impossible to say the reverse, that every time the amygdala is activated, the person is fearful. Here’s an analogy. On average, people from New York […]

sloganeering II

The democratisation of publishing has come at just the right time to salvage the knowledge that will be lost due to the disintegration of the traditional family.

Better You Should Learn Wen Do

Men protect women, a man once told me indignantly. Sure, some do. Who do they protect them from? Other women? Children? Wild rutabagas? * Rampaging rabbits? Helen Potrebenko * A kind of swede


Now, from Defra, you can get a noisemap of the UK, searchable by postcode. This is the area around my house:

Elsevier chair on activist shareholders

Dutch institutional investors and company executives are pressing for more rules to govern activist shareholders, news agency Reuters reports.… ‘We have all seen that investors with a short term horizon and a strategy of shareholder activism try to make life miserable for companies,’ Jan Hommen, chairman of publishing group Reed Elsevier, was quoted as saying. […]


Thesis: Irony is so corrosive that even the slightest drop in anything you pursue will eventually destroy all seriousness and purpose. The project will then be impossible to sustain, except for the regular injection of large quantities of self-importance (for examples see critical theory, purportedly ‘post-modern’ art).

Looking out II

I have this recurring fantasy where a younger me is looking out of my eyes as I go about my daily life. The fifteen year old me can’t read my thoughts, or affect my actions. He doesn’t know how he got here, temporarily trapped inside the thirty year old me, doesn’t know what is going […]

links for april 08

Dinsaur angst Statistically wised-up Liberian Iman’s. Sensible thoughts about ‘brain training’ programmes How to lie with fMRI statistics — Wedding, Corporate and Portrait photography studio based in Sheffield, UK and run by Chris Saunders and Andy brown Excellent article about the abuse of neuroscience in arts criticism by Raymond Tallis xkcd: wasteland ‘The son […]