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We’re hiring!

The Department of Psychology at the University of Sheffield is hiring! Due to recent departures and a forthcoming expansion we have 6 academic posts to fill, for lecturers, senior lecturers/readers and chairs. Perhaps you, or someone you know, is looking for a job or a change – here’s why you should apply to work with […]

Tweets for 2012-02-23

Fred Inglis reviews "What Are Universities For?" in @timeshighered # What happens when one of the best classical musicians in the world busks in the subway? (washington post, 2007) # Visual illusions in Lego cc @legopsych # Cerebellar task deficits in older adults, but tasks associated with basal ganglia unaffected by aging […]

Media Violence, Unconscious Imitation, and Freedom of Speech

I really enjoyed the ideas discussed in Susan Hurley’s 2006 article “Bypassing Conscious Control: Media Violence, Unconscious Imitation, and Freedom of Speech“. The basic argument is that if we realised that we tend to automatically and unconsciously absorb and imitate patterns of behaviour that we observe, then our views of freedom of expression would be […]

Tweets for 2012-02-16

Cartoon illustrating a streamlined peer review process which would be easier than the current system # What It Means to be Human @royalsociety on 8th of March # Age effects shrink when motor learning is predominantly nondeclarative (Chauvel et al, QJEP, 2012) # Steve Fuller on what an improvisation friendly academia might […]

Tweets for 2012-02-09

Fox News vs The Netherlands no prizes for guessing who wins # RT @bengoldacre: here's a handy rule for anyone sending out press releases: if it doesn't contain an "unsubscribe" link, you're a spammer # I am going to be on BBC radio Sheffield at 1.15 talking about brain training. My book on this […]

Tweets for 2012-02-02

No better tribute for our ebook than this "After reading it, I had the first lucid dream I had had in a long time" # My brother just got in touch. "Is academic publishing really this bad?" he asks. All together now…."It's WORSE!" # Research blogging: my paper in Frontiers tells you […]

What if an evil corporation knew all about you?

Facebook have announced their first share offer. There was a fairly nuanced discussion on the BBC’s Today programme, which contained the useful maxim: if the service is free then you are the product. We pour personal information about ourselves – our locations, likes, friends and activities – into Facebook and Facebook sells that bit of […]