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The Ten Thousand Things

Here’s a list of some of the bookmarks I made in 2004, meaning to read them but never quite got round to doing so. Collectively I call them The Ten Thousand Things. No guarentees of quality…

BBC – Science & Nature – Articles – Flocks, herds, swarms and schools

Iain Couzin homepage

:: Douglas Rushkoff – Weblog ::

NATMAPreport.pdf (application/pdf Object)

Majikthise : Gratitude journals and Loewenstein’s challenge

Visualize The Wiki

Edge: A SELF WORTH HAVING: A Talk with Nicholas Humphrey

Society of the Spectacle

Demos – Catalogue – Network Logic

The Loom: The Unwritten Self

The Shape of Days: The Ryugyong Hotel

Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | Yo-yo world of share price values

Chomsky vs Foucault

MSN Slate Magazine

Changing minds and persuasion — How we change what others think, believe, feel and do

Daedalus, or, Science and the Future

Links for 14th of December 2004

Welcome to the world of blogging to my good friend Mike over at Currently he says ‘notes of a confused, hypercaffinated PhD student’, you’ll find some complex system theory in amongst there too.

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