The Ten Thousand Things

Here’s a list of some of the bookmarks I made in 2004, meaning to read them but never quite got round to doing so. Collectively I call them The Ten Thousand Things. No guarentees of quality…

BBC – Science & Nature – Articles – Flocks, herds, swarms and schools

Iain Couzin homepage

:: Douglas Rushkoff – Weblog ::

NATMAPreport.pdf (application/pdf Object)

Majikthise : Gratitude journals and Loewenstein’s challenge

Visualize The Wiki

Edge: A SELF WORTH HAVING: A Talk with Nicholas Humphrey

Society of the Spectacle

Demos – Catalogue – Network Logic

The Loom: The Unwritten Self

The Shape of Days: The Ryugyong Hotel

Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | Yo-yo world of share price values

Chomsky vs Foucault

MSN Slate Magazine

Changing minds and persuasion — How we change what others think, believe, feel and do

Daedalus, or, Science and the Future

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