brain scamming

Nature discuss neuromarketing:

A more skeptic view of neuromarketing is that cognitive scientists, many of whom watched from the sidelines as their molecular colleagues got rich, are now jumping on the commercial bandwagon. According to this view, neuromarketing is little more than a new fad, exploited by scientists and marketing consultants to blind corporate clients with science

No one would do that, would they? Would they…?

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God I saw that article. Far milder than it ought to be in my opinion – there are so many problems from the get-go with the whole endeavour that the ‘cautious, cautious’ warning doesn’t really do it. All hail the brain!

Neurotically simple

Do the idiotic bumperstickers of the sort discussed in a couple of recent posts shed light on a particular need in the human mind? Or only in some human minds? This recent article on political neuro marketing “Looking for a…

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