more on cortical plasticity

The unexpected consequences of a noisy environment
Xiaoqin Wang
Trends in Neurosciences
Volume 27, Issue 7 , July 2004, Pages 364-366
Laboratory of Auditory Neurophysiology, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Abstract: A recent study found that the functional organization of auditory cortex was disrupted when rats were exposed to a moderate level of continuous noise during early development. However, this detrimental effect on auditory cortex could be remedied later by stimulating the noise-reared rats with structured sounds. These findings suggest that the endpoint of the ?critical period? could be extended well into adult life, which has significant implications for our understanding of cortical plasticity.


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the article about maturation above (comments link no worky) made me understand why i’m a musician.

this article explains and confirms a theory i came up with going to rock clubs in london in the mid 60’s. after days and nights of sonic barrage expressing random city aural pollution, finally some one was pushing those buttons but with purpose, scheme and structure.
that’s why i said ‘bingo’ when i read this.
my chiropractor is also an academic neurologist, davide testerini, and he has the same passion you do.

i do too, but am very gnorant about the technical parts.

i do suspect people will be studying my brain one day as it is so very, very peculiar.

davide plays music 1 1/2 hrs a day religiously, for cognitive reasons, lol!

music is the answer, whatever the question!

one day psychedelic sacraments will be seen as of the same degree of evolutionary importance to the human race as has been fire.

talk about cognitive!!

cranio sacral therapy might well float your cerebrospinal boat also.

oh convergence!

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