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The council server won’t let me access ‘yahoo mail’ whilst I’m at work, so I’m going to waste your server space by writing an e-mail to you and just dumping it in your ‘comments’ section. Hah.

Hope you’re well! I’ve been woefully non-communicative with all my friends, I think I’ve only written about 4 decent sized e-mails this summer! Anyway, I was in sheffield for the day attending my graduation with my folks and realised whilst wandering the corridors of the psych dept I hadn’t spoken to you for ages. The last time was London when I was in the throes of a massively self-indulgent career crisis which I tried to resolve by asking you lots of annoying questions.

I’ve sinced chilled out a bit. No more future-career worry talk, honest. I’ve got the Japan job, leaving at the end of August for a year! I’m initially being posted in Yuza in the north of the main island, but probably moved after christmas to somewhere else, though I won’t know where to until much nearer the time. So it’s ALL GOOD. You know you’ve got a reed mat to kip on if you fancy a holiday!

Also, I’m halfway through putting my own website together, hopefully to be online before I leave the country. I’m taking the easy way out and just drawing it all in Dreamweaver and it’s not going to be very sophisticated (c.f. Kev’s ‘Social Forum’ web triumph!) as you would expect, but it should do the trick. And seeing as Dreamweaver is so versatile, i can gradually learn over time and insert more and more sophisticated bits and bobs. Anyway, i’ve been scanning your ‘how I did this’ posting for info (incredibly helpful), and I’ll be pestering you for info at some point on how to set up a thumbnail gallery for displaying photos like yours, I remember you saying you downloaded a handy programme for that, so I’ll look around for it. Also, I’m not sure about how much space I’m going to need. I’ll start with the 20MB, and upgrade if need be. I want to put a lot of pictures on it, but I remember being quite shocked to discover at the end of the second year that was only about 16MB in its entirety.

Anyway, the long slow boredom of work has melted my brain and there are no more words, just white noise and caffeine, sporadicaly twitching synapses, and an increasing sense of loss and distance drawn out between my desk and the world of sunshine I can see through my window.


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