100,000 dead

100,000 civilians dead in Iraq, mostly women and children [1]. Even Jack Straw seems to accept the more conservative figure of 15,000 which is offered by

Let’s just run over the other figures too:

  • Weapons of Mass Destruction found: 0
  • Peaceful Democracies established: 0
  • Al-Qaeda operations disrupted: 0
  • Support given to international law: 0
  • Promotion of human rights: 0
  • Understanding between US and Europe enhanced by: 0
  • Similarly, between ‘Western’ and Islamic cultures: 0

  • Ref:
    1: Lancet articles here. BBC news report here

    One reply on “100,000 dead”

    I see what you are saying Tom, but surely you are missing some vital numbers which may help to explain, well, everything…for example:

    No. of multi-million pound contracts given to US companies
    Thousands Gallons of petrol sold cheaply to the US
    No. of votes won for Bush in the up coming elections thanks to the ‘war on terror’

    to mention just a few…

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