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I have turned on anonymous commenting on the site, so you can comment without leaving an email address. Ideally i’d have it so you leave an email address, but it doesn’t get displayed on the site – but i haven’t worked out how to do that yet (if anyone who knows MT can provide clues i’d be grateful).

Previously it only displayed your email if you didn’t put in a website, but since not everyone has a website this isn’t ideal.

Update: Aha! I’ve fixed it. I’ve turned anonymous commenting off, but now if you only leave your email address it isn’t visible on the website (although i should get to see it so i can reply to you personally if need be).

Here’s how i did it had to edit the ‘Comment Listing’ template (through the web interface) so that

<$MTEntryAuthorLink show_email="0"$>

Before it was set to spam_protect=”1″ but it evidently wasn’t working.

Thanks to Matt for advice and to the MT support forums (here and here) for getting me started

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You can’t see this, right?

doooh! You can! Only not the email, so you can’t reprimand me.

doooh! Rudimentary reading skills now applied for. But it does mean that I can’t get flamed by irate readers, right? Right.

I’m not quite sure what you’re point was Alex, but just let you know that i got your email through from that comment, but (as you can see) it isn’t available on the site

You wouldn’t get flamed by irate readers anyway because a) you’re a very nice man who doesn’t upset people and b) you always leave the url of your website and that gets displayed in preference to an email. The email was only displayed if you didn’t put in a website url.

I know – I’m not sure the comment had a point actually. I was playing with the old “penny drops too late” comic skit, where timing is everything, in a format that isn’t temporally delineated (the written word) with a meta-level where the joke teller is actually incompetent in that the joke relies on seeing the consequences of actions too late, which doesn’t fit with a single comment as the delete button should have dealt with it. I think only I find this kind of thing funny, and should be kept in safe hands….

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