Purity January (close)

I have now been entirely sober for a month1. Not a drop has passed my lips. Now, I don’t want to suggest that I normally drink like a son of a bitch, or that sobriety is a complete stranger to me, but – let’s just say – like many Brits, most months I’d definitely drink on more days than not.

During Purity January (as it is known round my way) I have overcome all the trials that might challenge my resolution

  • Going to the pub
  • Going to the pub after aikido
  • Going to the pub after aikido and being bought a pint
  • Dinner parties
  • Free bars! (three! I don’t think i normally go to any of these, why did three come along in january!?)

    So I feel truly rightous and also, truth be told, a little bored now. Not drinking is far easier than i thought. And it’s nice to get home and be able to read / think clearly / use power tools. I’m even wondering if i need less sleep when i’m staying sober (they do say alcohol disrupts the slow wave component of sleep). But…But…I’m not going to stick with it. Enough of the experiments in living, i’ve de-toxed in Purity January. Roll on Re-tox February

    1 Erm…nearly a month. I think i started on the second of january, technically

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    Hey, thanks for the shout-out. Oddly enough, one of my friends recently wondered why alcohol is prevalent in many of my stories. He asked, is it because you drink a lot? And I said, naw, it’s just a good metaphor.

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