end the offal lottery

My friend James emails to say

I have received an exclamation mark-strewn plea from my niece to sign the petition to improve British school dinners currently being promoted by TV’s own loveable mockney pan-jockey He Who Must Not Be Named Lest The Sun Turn To Ashes And The Seas to Pus. I must say that I think this is a good idea, despite the abominably geezerish nature of its champion. It takes a moment to sign at:

Let’s free future generations from ‘pizza’ in those big silver trays, awful white buns with shocking pink icing, and the offal lottery of SAUSAGE ROLLS.

See you all soon.

James x

Seems like a Good Thing, although when I tried to sign it someone had already used my email address and they won’t let me put my name down (cheeky!)

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yeah, i got the same thing when i tried the other day (e-mail address already exists, it said. of course it bloody does, it’s my e-mail address, i thought) but i’ve just been back now and it’s working. so get signing!

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