3 questions

Three rather parochial notes:

First: Can anyone point out an amazon book page where the author’s
own review appears? I know amazon offer you the chance to write a
review of your own book, but where/how does this appear on the

Second: Somebody has given me a book called The
Science of Middle Earth
along with a note saying ‘Probably not the
sort of book you’d buy for yourself! Remember to take a
brown paper bag if you intend to read it in public’
. But no
name was signed. Thanks for the present- does anyone want to admit
to their generosity?

Third: I’m in london next weekend (the back holiday weekend). Does
anybody have any recommendations/offers?

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Well, if you can make it down for Friday eve theres’ this months Critical Mass & the Kngston Green Fair is on Bank Holiday Monday which is always a lovely day out…If I can think of anymore I’ll post again…

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