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If George Bush “didn’t care” about black people, he probably wouldn’t have been the first president of the United States to appoint two blacks (including one female) to government positions, and important ones at that.

This kind of criticism is about as valid as the oft-heard “George Bush is stupid”. Sure, only dimwits get elected to the most powerful office on earth !

I wonder if that was also what you thought when you linked to these articles… 😉

I don’t think George Bush is stupid, but i do think he doesn’t care about poor people – I guess he doesn’t mind much if you are black and rich, but if you’re black and poor i’m pretty certain he doesn’t care about you.

Rhetorical question: would it be easier for someone to become president who was rich and stupid, or for someone who was poor and clever?

Although it is higly politically incorrect to say so, intelligent people tend not to stay poor and, for that matter, stupid people tend not to stay rich. I don’t have to look to far to see illustrations of that; my own family has produced a couple of examples of the latter.

More to the point, I don’t think W’s management of Katrina has anything to do with it’s victims being poor and black; the problem is wrong priorities. If there is a political motivation for neglecting a particular subgroup, which I frankly doubt, I think the subgroup in question can be safely identified as Democrat voters, regardless of income or colour. BTW, the Democrats who had to run this show at other than federal level didn’t do too well either.

My problem with the demonization of George Bush is that it doesn’t convince anyone who doesn’t hate him already and that it maintains the myth that if only there was a good king on the throne, the realm would be fine. I very much doubt that Clinton would have done things much differently than Bush; power and empire have their own logic, and most people go with the flow.

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