free wifi in sheffield, uk

A google for the phrase “free wifi sheffield uk” doesn’t turn up much useful information, so here’s my list. Let me know if you know of anywhere else.

Free wifi hotspots in Sheffield, England:

  • The Showroom – independent cinema and cafe bar near the station
  • The Rutland Arms, Paternoster Row – also near the station, and opposite Access Space
  • The Runaway Girl, 111 Arundel St, S1 2NT (and they do bottomless coffee for
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    Good lad, sat in the office in Rockingham street, 12 hour shift with a two hour break coming up, i’m going wandering with my psp to find them 🙂

    There is open free Wifi access at the bottom of Vikinglea Road with the SSID of Free_Internet, theres space for a couple of cars and signal is quite strong too, ive had download speeds of around 118kb/s. Pretty neat for free.

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