links for 12th of March 2006

  • India Knight reviews ‘Female chauvinist pigs: Women and the Rise of Raunch Culture’ by Ariel Levy
  • How we move ever closer to becoming a totalitarian state (starkly titled Obverser article about The Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill which will allow ministers to enact laws without the scrutiny of parliament)
  • God loses faith in Tony Blair
  • Where does cheap stuff come from (Guardian article)
  • ‘it’s clear that much of the lore underlying both modern ninja movies and modern ninja schools has both a long history AND little basis in reality outside the theatre.’
  • ‘I believe there is a dimension where / each one of us can be understood’
  • Jeremy Mercer’s top 10 bookshops
  • a database of independent bookshops compiled by bookworms for bookworms.
  • the straight dope behind the story of native americans working on skyscrapers
  • ADHD and the knowledge economy (New York Times)
  • ‘It is a much-quoted maxim that there are only seven stories. They are, apparently, Orpheus, Achilles, Cinderella, Tristan and Isolde, Circe, Romeo and Juliet, and Faust. All other stories are adaptations of these.’
  • =’The Gift taken Away’, ‘The Fatal Flaw’, ‘Unrecognised virtue’,the love triangle,spider and fly, boy meets girls/boy loses girl, The Debt That Must be Paid’. Plus ‘The Hero Who Cannot Be Kept Down’
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