Why Creationism is Wrong and Evolution is Right

This is absolutely key

The most important difference between evolutionists and creationists, Prof Jones concluded, is that scientists are always prepared to say, “I don’t know”.

“If there weren’t any unknown parts of evolution, bits we don’t understand, it wouldn’t be a science,” he said, “That’s one thing that believers never say, because it’s all written down in a big book.”

(Steve Jones speaking at the Hay Festival)

The crucial difference between creationism and evolution is not that one provides a better fit of the data than the other. The difference is that one is a generative, empirically-driven, scientific theory and the other isn’t. As a research programme, Creationism isn’t even wrong. Science helps you work out what you don’t know, and how you’re going to move into a position of knowing it. Creationism has no account of what isn’t known or of how to go about finding it out.

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