eyes that care nothing for the thing they’re in

I dreamt that I caught a coach to leave london, but instead of heading north it headed south. We had been kidnapped by government agents, they were taking us to a secret lab where they would conduct sinister experiments on us. When we arrived I dived back into the coach and attempted to ram the barricades. Army squads appeared, shooting at me. I was hit. The scene blanked out and then restarted immediately – but i knew in another location, and some time later. Now i was restrained and those sinister government scientists approached with their sinister operating tools. The drilling begin and a sheet of blood feel over my vision. The scene blanked again and then, next, I knew that i was looking out of the eyes of the robot into which my brain at been inserted. The scientists were using my brain as the control system for an experimental bio-robot! I knew that i was condemned to look out of the eyes of the robot, as it roamed the world doing the sinister bidding of the sinister government. I was to commit horrors over which i would have no control, but which I would have to watch.

I think i need to stop reading so much Philip K Dick.

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