climate care and airmiles don’t mix

My housemate Helen sent this to Scottish and Southern energy the other day:

Dear Southern Electric,

Thank you for your kind letter (customer account ref 3779898016, QBAY/ SR999B) asking why I am leaving you. I’m afraid I must cite irreconcilable differences (and the fact that I’ve found someone better, who I think takes me seriously). I started to have doubts about the relationship a few months ago, when you sent me a leaflet with a nice picture of a dolphin and a caption about fighting climate change the easy way, alongside an advert for free airmiles. It was your green credentials that attracted me to you in the first place, but I began to feel that the green tarif wasn’t expressing the real you, and that in fact you are as happy to destroy the planet as the next company if there is money in it.

Then someone showed me an article in the Ecologist magazine, which told me that Ecotricity spent around

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