Beat the winter blues the Velten way

The Velten Mood induction procedure consists of reading a series of statements which start neutral and get progressively more and more positive, or more and more negative. So you end up with things like “Things look good. Things look great!” for the positive velten, and “I want to go to sleep and never wake up.” for the negative. When I was writing Mind Hacks I wanted to get hold of the full list of Velten statements, but couldn’t find them. Now, for your education and delight (or despair) I’ve got them and put them here:

positive Velten
negative Velten

The great things about the Velten is that it really works. I think the correct analogy is to watching a play – you know it is a fiction, the characters can even point out that it is a fiction, yet you are still emotionally involved in the story. (I think this a fact of fundamental importance to understanding the nature of consciousness).

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Thanks for taking the time to put these on the net – i have the actual original paper which doesnt have them in it?! I also couldn’t find them anywhere and needed them for my research the night before my pc crashed – life saver:)

I have been looking for a resource on mood induction, and despite countless scientific papers on the effectiveness of such a technique online, few scientific writers put the actual positive statements in the appendices.

Thank so much for putting it online.

Hi I was just wondering what the neutral statements used in the Velton mood induction procedure were? I can’t seem to find them anywhere!

Hey, thanks sooo much for the procedure, I have searched for it for hours and hours…… What a relief! I was just wondering if you had the neutral statements or where i could get them from? Again thanks soo much


1. Oklahoma city is the largest city in the world in area, with 631.166 square
2. Japan was elected to the United Nations almost fourteen years after Pearl
3. At the end appears a section entitled “Bibliography notes.”
4. We have two kinds of nouns denoting physical things: individual and
mass nouns.
5. This book or any part thereof must not be reproduced in any form.
6. Agricultural products comprised seventy per cent of the income.
7. Saturn is sometimes in conjunction, beyond the sun from the earth, and is
not visible.
8. Some streets were still said to be listed under their old names.
9. The system is supervised by its board of regents.
10. There is a large rose-growing center near Tyler, Texas.
11. Many states supply milk for grammar school children.
12. It is God’s will that the fittest survive.
13. The typography, paper, and bind were of the highest quality.
14. The machine dominated county posts for as long as anyone could
15. The desk was old, and scratched into its surface was a profusion of dates,
initials, and pleading messages.
16. The Orient Express travels between Paris and Istanbul.
17. When the Banyan bent down under its own weight, its branches began to take root.
18. There isn’t a scientific explanation for every U.F.O. sighting.
19. The Hope diamond was shipped from South Africa to London through the regular mail service.
20. The review is concerned with the first three volumes.
21. The ship was ancient, and would soon be retired from the fleet.
22. Slang is a constantly changing part of the language
23. There is a small article in the local newspaper which indicates acceptance
of the kidnappers’ terms.
24. There are some forms in which no oath is required.
25. Entramatics find mates for the lonely.
26. 99.1% of Alaska is owned by the federal government.
27. Two men dressed as repairmen will appear shortly after the van pulls up.
28. The wood was discolored as if it had been held in a fire.
29. A light was noticed in the dark outside, and it moved eerily towards the
30. Painting in a few other non-European countries is treated in a separate
31. A recent study revealed that one half of all college students were unable to find summer jobs.
32. Provoked arousal and orientation are accompanied by steeper negative shifts.
33. The names on the Christmas mailing list are alphabetically ordered.
34. Significantly, these changes occur during the full moon.
35. West Samoa gained its independence in 1965.
36. The magazine’s report was slanted, as usual.
37. The map would prove useless as a beginning guide.
38. The speaker outlined a plan whereby the current deficits could be eliminated.
39. Black and white pictures are arranged in ten sections.
40. The voices come only at night, and whisper words, terrible words.
41. The papers had been front-paging it for days.
42. The notice made it clear that coffee breaks were being limited.
43. No man worked harder than he.
44. Potter wrote numerous satires on social cynicism.
45. Boeing’s main plant in Seattle employs 35,000 people.
46. The doorkeeper was dressed in red.
47. During the next ten years, the group participated in politics.
48. The organization depended on the pople for support.
49. In 1965, Elizabeth made the first state visit by a British monarch to
Germany in 56 years.
50. It was their sixth consecutive best seller.
51. It all fitted in with the officer’s story.
52. The merges did not change the company’s policy.
53. The mansion was rented by the delegation.
54. Ninety occupations were listed as eligible for the grads in business.
55. Utah is the beehive state.
56. Changes were made in transport of lumber after the border incident.
57. The Chinese language has many dialects, including Cantonese, Mandarin, and Wu.
58. Things were booming once again in the little gold rush town of Angel.
59. At Iow tide the hulk of the old ship could be seen.
60. A free sample will be given to each person who enters the store.

There are suppose to be 60 statements for both the positive and negative conditions but there are only 58. There are 2 missing?

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