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Reborn as wordpress

I have moved this blog from Moveabletype to WordPress. As well as being a world of open-source goodness, WordPress is far easier to use, at first impression, and I’m hoping that I’ll have more luck defending myself against comment spam.

How i did this:

After, as a precaution, exporting my Moveabletype MySQL database, using PHPmyadmin. I then enjoyed the Famous WordPress 5-Minute Install and it was easy. Thank’s to Mike for advice and encouragement.

Comments are now back open, so say hello, or let me know if any old posts were broken by the move and need fixing.

9 replies on “Reborn as wordpress”

As for comment spam, why don’t you use one of these programmes that have you copy some code that a machine can’t read ?

I like the new layout – i think there is less stuff to get in the way of what i am trying to read. It feels cleaner. I was wondering if there is a way your camera could take photos of the sun without the light taking over the whole picture – so you could take photos of it in the same way as the moon. Have you tried?

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Hello Tom at your re-vamped blog.

Hi —
I read your entry on happiness math and want to talk to you on the phone about it. I’m a reporter in NY for Money magazine and NBC working on a story on happiness and experiences. Is there a number where I could reach you?
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