Come and play

Who would like to come with me to any of the following events?

  • Told By An Idiot’s Casanova @ The West Yorkshire Playhouse, Leeds. I can definitely make the 12th, 18th, 19th or 20th of September, and am open to offers on other days.
  • Jim White @ Social, Nottingham – 12 October
  • The Battle of Ideas @ Royal College of Art, London – 27th & 28th of October
  • New Model Army play Sheffield Corporation!! 18th of November
  • Mercy and Grand: The Tom Waits Project @ West Yorkshire Playhouse, Leeds – 28th of November
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    Really, really want to go to see that Tom Waits thing, but I’ll be in bloody London then. May have to come up anyway.

    On a different note: You know what that Battle of Ideas thing is don’t you? The Institute Of Ideas are an LM thing. aka Spiked, Martin Durkin, endless lies, allegedly debates staged to look real which aren’t, extreme libertarian ideology, denial of climate change and the Rwandan and Bosnian Genocides etc. Might be very interesting indeed to go into their nest, but probably good to be forewarned. Look up “LM Watch” on the internet for more details. They have a whole article on IoI and events like this one. Monbiot has written a lot on them too. What he says about them gets a bit overly sinister and I would think it was far fetched if it wasn’t that what I have seen of their material really is pretty unbelievable.

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