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I love the “how to explain things to a libertarian” article ! It’s actually quite funny that the author would try to red-baite libertarians pointing out similarities with other strands of anarchism, as if you could somehow be guilty by association. Never seen that before. He does not understand what Proudhon meant though. And his intellectual genealogy of libertarianism does not stand up to scrutiny, if only because Proudhon did not himself fall out of the aether.

The part on crony capitalism is downright dishonest, no libertarian cautions crony capitalism and most are very critical of the war in Iraq (check out for instance). As for the “corporation are governments” jibe, well try to resign from a country and we’ll discuss the merit of _that_ little joke.

Kenyan runners : actually, they’re not just Kenyan, they are Kalenjin, only 3% of the Kenyan population..

Moreover, there are loads of people in the world who live in comparable circumstances (starting with neighbouring tribes) and although they do well in long-distance running, no group is as consistently good as the Kalenjin.

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