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Re The Shock Doctrine
I have realised something over the past few months. I had previously had a kind of background assumption that most intelligent people really knew that fundamentalist capitalism is bad for the poor (well its obvious isn’t it!) and the environment, and life itself, and they too could see all the holes in the arguments, but they couldn’t do anything about it as they were helpless to challenge the power of the rich folk and the Daily Mail readers.

This may not be news to others as it was to naive little me, but this is not true! In fact neo-liberalism is the dominant paradigm not just in parliament or the media but in thought, and the most absurd illogical falsehoods are completely accepted and going unchallenged in places like academia, in supposedly serious documents, written by supposedly intelligent people.

There is a desperate need of alternative narratives, which means a desperate need for people who can think and research (Eg. us) to challenge the assumptions of neo-liberalism. Forget those who say that talking is a waste of time and locking yourself to things is the only way. Those who don’t agree with the neo-liberal craziness need to talk lots more!

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