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Nerdy response to the Seat 61 figures:

While I am not trying to stick up for flying, it is worth being aware that the reason that the Eurostar CO2 figures are so low is that the Eurostar is mainly powered by French nuclear power.

I’m not trying to be anti-nuclear you understand. Just pointing out that the lowness of the Eurostar CO2 figures compared to planes is not just due to the fact that the Eurostar uses less energy (it does, but that is not the full story).

Amused by the nasal learners article. Glad to see The Telegraph’s debunking the notion of individuals with distinct ‘learning styles’, though a practical approach to exploit the interconnected brain would be through multi-modal learning within sessions (providing triangulative/summative opportunities for encoding AND changing pace to keep attention) without needing to categorise pupils. Gives a healthy dose of conservatism, but there’s more to a good learning session than chalk-and-talk

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