‘Without a safety net’

the brakes slipped in the wet
somebody messed up
the dam burst
the reinforcements never came
the supports didn’t hold
i forgot to write the address down
you never called

the brakes slipped in the wet
the backups didn’t run
the first aid box was empty
the safety catch slipped on this gun

the worse came true
we weren’t prepared for this
this wasn’t supposed to happen
but it did

the lifeboats weren’t ready
we weren’t warned
the fire-exits were obstructed
the alarm didn’t go off

somebody should have said something
and somebody should have checked
but it wasn’t me

this wasn’t supposed to happen
it did

One reply on “‘Without a safety net’”

It wasn’t me
I was nearby
I know
I heard the backup die

And just before the lights went out
I caught someone’s eye
I should have said
had a bus to catch. was late.
and I
was a little run down
you know
how it is when days roll by

In fact last year I nearly checked to see
if I had the number
small. scrawled.
I remembered the feel
of the peel of paper and the fat blue ink
but there was always
another bus
and never any space to look

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