Tweets for 2011-01-20

  • reading Kealey's "Sex, science & profits", which is really a history of research funding + an argument that science doesn't -> ec. growth #
  • Dropping cats in zero-gravity, back when science was just innocent fun, via @intrcnnctd #
  • I'd really like to archive my tweets to a wordpress category that isn't published on my blog front-page. Is this possible? #
  • Adventure, international travel, camaraderie, sex & passion. Mark Kennedy had to be paid £250,000, but you can be an activist for FREE. #
  • Can this be real? eye-lid controlling electrodes to produce 3D "shutter glasses" effect #
  • Trying not to get addicted to reading #
  • Richard Stallman in #Sheffield 5th of March #
  • Test tweet. Soon to be deleted #
  • seeking dancer/visual artist for art-science installation about how the brain learns movements. Any volunteers or suggestions? #
  • Actually, maybe I should do an art-science piece about consciousness, in dramatic form. I could call it The Cartesian Theatre #

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