Tweets for 2011-05-13

  • Vodka company sponsors 'facebook Russian roulette' – if unlucky, you can lose your virtual life #
  • Today I am giving a talk in York : "Infering cognitive architectures from high-resolution behavioural data" #
  • We have just won funding which will allow me to hire an RA for a year (whoop!), more soon #
  • Amen @PsychScientists Working out a system's job description really should be the first thing you do in any task analysis #
  • The questions you never thought to ask, science does for you "Is there a morphine store in the brain of the camel?" #
  • Just spoke to the station manager at Sheffield train station – they're planning 150 new cycle parking places. Great! #
  • It costs little to watch, and little more if you happen to get caught up in the action #

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