Tweets for 2011-08-18

  • Workshop on Cold Reading at #Sheffield Skeptics in the Pub, 26 Sep #
  • NASA astronaut flew with a secret: a diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease story broken by Houston journo with PD himself #
  • Kidnap negotiator has never lost a hostage, and trusts his gut instinct #
  • Scatter charts of Somali pirate hijack negotiation times I love the internet #
  • This exercise finding from the Lancet is equivalent to "if you do NOTHING physical all day you will die sooner", right? @BBCr4today #
  • Cosma Shalizi is bang on here: Capitalism requires state intervention #
  • Should I spend the next half hour reading this paper, or watching clips from Watership Down on youtube? #
  • trying to write about lucid dreaming, but the implications for understanding consciousness are twisting my melon. Any good reads on this? #
  • individuals who do better at a vmPFC-related task have more lucid dreams (told ya @mariapage !) #
  • here we go: "Lucid Dreaming as Metacognition: Implications for Cognitive Science " #
  • Something more recent from LaBerge Dream content is weird, but the cognitive processes are common to waking #
  • re-reading the chapter on lucid dreaming from Jeff Warren's "The Head Trip: Adventures on the Wheel of Consciousness" awesome awesome book! #
  • RT @dansumption @tomstafford Only time I ever managed to lucid dream was the day after Sue Blackmore's lecture on lucid dreaming 🙂 #
  • .@dansumption the well known "beginner's luck" phenomenon! #

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