Tweets for 2011-09-15

  • RT @topfife: My head smells of electroconductive gel. #
  • Currently wondering: what are the essentials of the psychology of judgement and decision making that our graduates need to know? #
  • Reckon this year's cognitive psych class need to be introduced to Michotte's work #
  • Just got my hands on Ron and Marty's new book "Mindhacker". Can't seem to shake this weird feeling of familiarity… #
  • Important RT @bengoldacre teach our kids to code #
  • What app will let me write scripts on my iPhone? Just so I can do some marginally non-trivial maths #
  • New academic year approaches. Moving from "Inbox zero" to triage email management style #
  • Factoid: if I was literally worth my weight in gold, i would be worth about 3 million pounds sterling #

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