Tweets for 2011-09-22

  • You'd have thought that @sheffielduni would have access to Psych Science, but no. Anyone got access to this ? #
  • Lor' bless the internets and people who sent me that PDF #
  • nice guardian series: "Voices of finance". Here, computer programmer at a trading company #
  • RT @PsyBlog Feelings Beat Thoughts For Fast Complex Decisions. Think or blink? The debate continues… #
  • First supervision with @mariapage today. She'd brought me chocolate covered almonds from Greece. I gave her a long list of things to do #
  • Doesn't seem fair somehow! #
  • From the archive "the line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being" #
  • My award for most amusing/charming lab profile goes to Lera Boroditsky's lab at Stanford #
  • Cinema is a crucible of Humean causal perception, seen narrative informed by our experience of the form #
  • The Living Handbook of Narratology: chapter on Cognitive Narratology #
  • Next stop Thessaloniki, to visit the @sheffielduni faculty there. For this trip I will mostly be wearing brown #
  • Today: running a workshop for doctoral students on how to communicate research to the public #
  • Five excellent science communication tips from Randy Olson #
  • A cursory search suggests that there are surprisingly few online resources for PhD students who want to develop media skills. Any tips? #
  • RT @jrfj: @tomstafford besides the BSA fellowships, have a lot of other resources listed here, including some online: #
  • Now online from CogSci: "Piéron's Law Holds During Stroop Conflict: Insights Into the Architecture of Decision Making" #

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