Tweets for 2011-09-29

  • First day of term. Just cycled to work, passing a student obviously on their way home from the night before. That's the spirit! #
  • Important critique of "Baysian cognition" experiments, reported in withering style by Cosma Shalizi #
  • Sheffield: England's greenest city #
  • Rats learning a habit show shifts in striatal brain waves, from high (gamma) frequency oscillations to low (beta), #
  • Cory: the solution to privacy erosion on the internet is code, not laws #
  • And of course the most important thing about "the privacy bargain" is that you know you are currently making some form of it #
  • "Rethinking 'thinking': Modernism and the mind" by @cfernyhough #
  • I review Roy Baumeister's new book "Willpower" here short story: this is a bad book, don't read it #
  • RT @mikedewar: Cosma Shalizi calls out the "data scientist" emperors on their shiny new clothes #
  • RT @cfernyhough: Anyone know of any mathematicians or games theorists with interests in memory? #
  • Review of research on spacing effects in learning – essential for all students, not just psychology students! #
  • I've just completed the Adult ADHD symptom checklist it says I have "symptoms highly consistent with ADHD in adults" #
  • Funny, I started the day healthy and normal, now – if I believe this scale – I am a patient who "warrents further investigation" #

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