Tweets for 2011-11-03

  • PsychoPy is an open-source package for running experiments in Python (a real and free alternative to Matlab) @psychopy #
  • On Monday I start a week in London as part of the @royalsociety scientist-civil servant pairing scheme. #
  • My pairing is with a gentleman from the Home Office. I'm guessing they have their own particular take on 'psychology'. #
  • From the archive RT @psychmag: 7 years ago: @tomstafford meets Vilayanur Ramachandran #
  • I need 10 thousand leaky integrators, running in parallel on millisecond time scale. Suggestions? #
  • Awaiting luscious-haired psychologist @sapinker at the RGS, in the audience with @ResearchDigest #iq2pinker #
  • Ironic that a man who made his career triumphing the immutability of human nature is now celebrating it's adaptability #iq2pinker #
  • Interesting, evidence linking resource shortages to war surprisingly weak, sez Pinker #iq2pinker #
  • Rare lucidity lapse, Pinker garbles report of Baumeister's self-control work, making it sound like it supports hydraulic theory #iq2pinker #
  • RT @deevybee: NYT piece on Gazzaniga's new book on free will and the brain #
  • Summarised as: responsibility is an emergent property at the social level, not something that can be defined neurally #
  • Alison Gopnik on what psychology tells us about how universities should be run via @anniemurphypaul #
  • Talking to my cousin about his University application personal statement. I told him not to do this: #
  • Day 4 of the @royalsociety pairing scheme. AM: at the Home Office research facility in St Albans. PM: watching debate in the House of Lords #
  • There's a film out about my favourite sociologisy, Zygmunt Bauman #

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