Tweets for 2012-01-19

  • Today: to the @royalsociety for an update on the parliamentary pairing scheme I am part of. #
  • Is Terry Eagleton a national treasure yet? RT @stevenpoole: Eagleton reads de Botton so you don't have to: #
  • Neat 2009 study "The role of sleep in false memory formation" showing that sleep selectively increased false memories #
  • has anyone ever estimated the economic contribution made by Wikipedia? I'm guessing billions of $ worldwide #
  • Scan of 70 year old triathlete's muscles give graphic illustration that age related muscle loss is not inevitable #
  • From Brad Duchaine (2010) "Human face recognition ability is specific and highly heritable" #
  • Case study of a developmentally prosopagnosic family (also from Duchaine, 2010) #
  • Detecting tetrachromacy in human subjects cc @Harpsicordian #
  • Rosenthal & Fode (1963) Classic study on the role of experimenter expectations in psy research PDF #
  • RT @FriedaKlotz In a weird way this is quite inspiring. Clay Shirky's rant about women: #
  • Gendered descriptors in references prejudice academic hiring decisions via @AtheneDonald in @timeshighered #
  • Frustrating @BBCr4today piece about doubts over the veracity of stereotype threat. #
  • No evidence for stereotype threat isn't the same as "there's no discrimination" @BBCr4today #
  • Scientific savantism: psychologist reviews lit on stereotype threat and then given platform to pronounce on origin of gender differences #
  • .@dantekgeek and here's the Uni of Leeds press release about the stereotype threat work #
  • Wooah! Juggling quadrocopter robots #

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