Tweets for 2012-04-19

  • Is there a brain quirk you'd like explaining? I'm currently taking requests for column topics #
  • -aw @ #
  • RT @MarkChangizi: My student's, Aaron Fath's, view on what are earworms. In this Harnessed excerpt… #
  • From @timeshighered : only two research intensive universities admitted more state school pupils last year: Sheffield and Liverpool. #
  • Earworm-related lolz RT @decath10n: The best reason to save the NHS yet? (read from bottom up). #
  • Research income vs teaching income for 160 UK universities (using data from @timeshighered) #
  • New review in Brain & Cognition "Training the brain: Fact and fad in cognitive and behavioral remediation" #
  • "Logic feels so good—I like it! Evidence for intuitive detection of logicality in syllogistic reasoning." #
  • Tetrapod forelimb homology (thanks Jason!) #
  • Depth from motion. Visual illusion meets child's nightmare monsters via @MarkChangizi #
  • Today: visiting the philosophy department at the U of Nottingham. #

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