Tweets for 2012-05-03

  • My @BBC_Future column on earworms is now on how to breed them, care for them, and get rid of them! #
  • Archive classic. Dement (1960) The Effects of Dream Deprivation"anxiety, irritability, and difficulty in concentrating" #
  • In other news, I'm trying to find something to read about dream incorporation, where external stimuli get woven into the dream. Any clues? #
  • Psych people: can you recommend any refs on the phenomenon of incorporation of external stimuli into dreams? #
  • Humans who have never seen a dog can tell if it is afraid from the sound of its bark #
  • US Citizens – apply for a Fulbright scholarship to undertake research and/or teaching in beautiful Sheffield, England! #
  • The album is awesome. If you like maths-techno #
  • Nick's journey finds him staying at an asylum … RT @underscrutiny: Objects, like people… #
  • Does teh interwebs rewire my brain? I can has relax now? #
  • Perfect one line summary! RT @marvel_matt Type of online activity – not internet use itself – will drive any changes #
  • Speaking of techno-panic, am happy to say I come top for a google search of "why Sherry Turkle is so wrong" #
  • Experience the hypnotic beauty of travel in the University of Sheffield's paternoster lift #

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