Tweets for 2012-07-05

  • This is surely a great example of some principle of the psychology of reasoning: "the Beatles never existed" #
  • And so to sunny Aberystwyth for three days… #
  • .@mikedewar dude, next time you try to convince a scientist to switch to python, mention this #
  • "Infants in Control: Rapid Anticipation of Action Outcomes in a Gaze-Contingent Paradigm" #
  • That last paper conceptually very similar to our new action acquisition task except training eye-movements #
  • Couldn't we solve SEO spam by google instituting a *penalty* for sites seen to be spamming? #
  • Currently spammers only have potential benefits, and bloggers bear the cost #
  • "Why I am always unlucky but you are always careless" my latest column for @BBC_Future #

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