Tweets for 2012-07-19

  • A good example of the complete contempt an advert can display for its target #
  • Data sleuthing causes resignation of another social psychologist, @edyong209 reports #
  • Berlin report an even-more-pondering-than-usual post #
  • My latest for @BBC_Future, how possession distorts our values and how to fight back (uk-readable link) #
  • Sinister RT @PaulLewis: We cannot name the judge, court or case. But here is the most we can say court ban on BBC film: #
  • I take that back, the court order is probably not sinister, it is probably due to someone in the doc being involved in an ongoing case #
  • 2007 paper with a nice review of the idea that colour might enhance performance (in brief: evidence is checkered) #
  • I said "Perception is about meaning". Blog comment asks: "what is the citation for that?" Any one got any offers? #
  • Reading (and puzzling over): The Master and his Emissary, The Divided Brain and the Making of the Western World by Iain McGilchrist #
  • Seeking a touch-typist in Sheffield who will volunteer to have their brain fMRI scanned on the 8th of August. Y'know, for science. Pls RT #

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