Tweets for 2012-08-02

  • Workshop for Google Data Analytics Social Science Research via @DigiWorldSheff #
  • Want to learn python by looking at examples of small complete scripts which do simple tasks. Can anyone recommend link? #python #lazyweb #
  • Discussion on this @Neuro_Skeptic post is illuminating about many issues in academic writing #
  • Feel slightly weird that my (scientific) life story is told in the august issue of @psychmag #
  • But very happy to be able to give credit to two of my scientific inspirations: Professors Andrew Mayes and Kevin Gurney #
  • At the 1992 Olympics the Lithuanian basketball team collected their bronze medals in tie-die #
  • 'new' publication How do we use computational models of cognitive processes? I survey how models are use in cog sci #
  • Summary: All is not as neatly Popperian as the textbooks would have you believe! #
  • RT @Neuro_Skeptic Induction of lucid dreams: A systematic review of the evidence #
  • More on lucid dreams, including that vital "how to" guide, in our free ebook #
  • A cautionary tale of scientific research, with an Olympic theme: does wearing red make you better at fighting? #
  • Can anyone recall an expt where ppts gave more compensation to plane crash victims who nearly made it to safety? Google has failed me #

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