Tweets for 2012-09-06

  • Academics: what is a reasonable time to wait after submitting a paper before nudging the editor for a response? #
  • tbh, those "wettest summer for 100 years" stats don't work for me. I'd rather have a headline which reported a z score. Or is that just me? #
  • Nottingham #
  • "Stopped clocks and dead phones" My BBC column from last week, now live on #
  • Go Estonia! But how do you teach a six year old to code? Anyone? #
  • Meanwhile, in the basement of consciousness, the clocks have stopped and phones gone dead #
  • Welcome to the Academy! RT @jamesb I'm doing a bit of teaching #
  • Elsevier support just told me that 4 months is typical for "under review" stage. cc @PsychScientists @chrisdc77 @JimGrange @MarcusMunafo #
  • Browsing the "Psychology" section of a 2nd hand bookshop provides good evidence that people have no idea what psychology is #

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