Tweets for 2012-09-13

  • Wsj: 'This Isn't Candid Camera, It's a Science Project' that'd be me in Berlin then. #
  • Buy the New Statesman so you can read @stevenpoole being cruel, so cruel – but fair – about neuroscientism #
  • Virtue ethics is due a major comeback IMO #
  • Psychology in the Pub on Sleep, Learning and Memory, Oct 11, Showroom, #Sheffield Maybe this link'll work: #
  • This link is considerably useful if you are coming to study at the University of Sheffield this month #
  • My next column for @BBC_Future problematises drawing clear conclusions from psych research. Tricky. It's hard to be liked for problematising #
  • Why you pay more: auction psychology my latest for @BBC_Future (UK readable link) #
  • "Nonconscious activation of placebo and nocebo pain responses" #
  • The 'subliminal' nature of the stimulus presentation is suspect – they use a yes/no recognition test (the expt DV reqs. only 2AFC discrim) #
  • Myths in the way of clear academic prose Helen Sword in @timeshighered #
  • Teaching questions rather than answers #
  • What scene from any play/movie/book best exemplifies the moment where someone comes to the alarming realisation that the game has changed? #
  • To clarify: I'm not interested in the feeling that the pieces have moved, but that the very rules of the game are different from before #
  • This is more than just surprise. #
  • The greatest hits…of Cognitive Modelling provided by Gary Cottrell #
  • Our @FestivalMind event: the public votes which research gets funded now on twitter as @MindsInvestors #Sheffield #

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