Tweets for 2011-10-06

  • 100 years of Style / East London. Very enjoyable thanks @robotdan #
  • RT @PsychScientists Skinner & Epstein train a pigeon to pass the mirror test for 'self concept': #
  • RT @PsychScientists
    Seriously, BF Skinner was a total badass <– this is what @totalshowman keeps telling me. In different words! #
  • Friday afternoon and p<0.049 for my latest analysis. I *know* its just an arbitrary threshold, but its the arbitrary threshold everyone uses #
  • RT @SheffCivicTrust: #Sheffield is England's greenest city, with 150 woodlands and 50 public parks! #
  • RT @vaughanbell: Top athletes, singers have coaches. Why don't other professions? Properly fascinating New Yorker piece #
  • Why GTD works! RT @PsyBlog: How to Avoid Being Distracted From Your Goals. Making specific plans creates mental space #
  • My thoughts on Randy Olson's "Don't be such a scientist: talking substance in an age of style" #
  • UK Judge rules against use of Bayes' Theorum in court, unless we have "firm" knowledge of the priors #
  • Textbook use of juxtaposition by the Mirror to suggest that Knox is pleased Kercher is dead #
  • RT @PsychScientists I love how well Bad Lip Reading works Match intonation and most of the obvious lip movements and viola! #
  • And while we're talking about who expectation drives perception: "I Kissed a Girl" (backwards) #
  • But my favourites are on Jeff Milner's backmasking site (and the one I use in PSY101 lectures) stairway to heaven! #
  • RT @andybrownphoto: My work is featured in this month's Now Then magazine – if you're in Sheffield, pick up a copy ! #

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