Tweets for 2011-10-13

  • One for all you data visualisation geeks a roundup of the nicest figures recently published in scientific journals. #
  • Old nature article about neuroscience and freewill. Full of the confusions of neuroscientists #
  • A conceptual prophylactic for neuro-philo-confusion: "Toward a Philosophical Structure for Psychiatry" via @vaughanbell #
  • old, but Jolly Good NY Times article on psychology of free will #
  • Skepticism about free will linked with a weakened readiness potential (from EEG recording) #
  • old scientiic american article on replication of Libet experiments with intracranial recording of single neurons #
  • (1/2) Most of this freewill stuff appears amazing for the same reason that fMRI scanning appears amazing: … #
  • (2/2) … as native dualists we're astounded by *any* evidence that brain causes mind. #
  • Guilty or not-guilty? It depends on how the jury constructs a story from the facts they're given #
  • Nick's been done got bang to rights RT @underscrutiny: Romantic masochism invested in and infected by a new age #
  • MT @matthew_mella: Overlap, tomorrow: free talk from @russStearman about #narrative in videogames. #Sheffield #
  • Our friends in Cardiff seem to have no idea of the practical impossibility of allowing scientists veto over copy… #
  • Virtually northing remotely readable would get published on science, ever #
  • RT@js_simons Rip-roaring stuff from @ProfAndyField on why psychologists shouldn't be smug about stats errors… #
  • "This study provides the first evidence that sexist ideologies can create gender inequality within societies" #
  • Last link via @BPSOfficial and @psychoBOBlogy #
  • RT @Psych_Writer Steve Jobs' gift to cognitive science. Just posted on the Digest: #
  • "Games of Invention" a short article about creativity I wrote for the boys at @rattlecentral now on the blog #
  • .@alexfradera that article inspired by our last annual wander/chat about creativity, improv and science (and the other ten thousand things) #
  • It's not the booze, it's your beliefs about the booze great stuff from Kate Fox on culture and behaviour #

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