Tweets for 2011-11-24

  • Creationist slams "research" from @sheffielduni Psychology department #
  • Ouch! Why is U2 popular? "The nostalgia is so thick you have to wipe it from your face. " via @rellimluap #
  • Economist debate from Dec 2010 "Language Shapes How We Think". Boroditsky vs Liberman (of Language Log), round one! #
  • Round Two! #
  • Just found my opening music for today's lecture #
  • "modelling natural action selection" book just out (and in my sweaty paw) #
  • .@tom_hartley and it is interesting – a proper evolutionary & computational treatment of decision making! #
  • Gladstone was prime minister 4 times in the 19C, AND he found time to dabble in linguistic anthropology #
  • Your source for that is, of course, Gladstone, W. E. (1858). Studies on Homer and the Homeric Age. London: Oxford University Press #
  • Winston Churchill said "They told me how Mr Gladstone read Homer for fun, which I thought served him right." #
  • Birth of a myth: Whorf (1940) makes the claim that the Eskimos have many words for snow #
  • What's the collective noun for professors? One correspondent suggested "an absence" in @timeshighered #
  • Love the straight dope: "Could early man only see three colours?" (quick answer: no) #
  • a solution if you don't like using a passive author voice, though not a recommended one via @mathewe #
  • RT @PhEMH @tomstafford although really this is just another "Polly Matzinger rocks" story … which she does <– True! #
  • The more I read of the new Whorfianism the less impressed I am; Lera Boroditsky in Scientific American #
  • Preparing for lectures on language and cognition. Do the words we use matter? This complaint to the BBC assumes they do #
  • "Viagra for engagement dysfunction" RT @tombennett71: Gamification is bullsh*t #
  • Fantastic paper from Flaherty & Senghas (2011) showing how language supportings thinking (about numbers in this case) #
  • "Language as a Cognitive Technology: English-Speakers Match Like Piraha When You Don’t Let Them Count" #

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